White painted cabinets, won't they turn yellow over time?

by Fran
There seems to be many opinions. If we paint the kitchen cabinets white, won't they turn yellow over time? Does chalk paint perform better?
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  • Adrianne C Adrianne C on Dec 01, 2014
    Not all white paint yellows, paint with polyurethane does however. There is a newer type that is not supposed to yellow.
  • Sherrie Sherrie on Dec 01, 2014
    Polyurethane comes in a oil base, and water base. The oil base yellows when the sun hits it. So I won't use it on any white or light colors. Actually it's to messy and drying time takes to long to use. The water base is what I use. It is non yellowing, dries quick and give great protection. If you are use to painting with chalk paint I have seen some stunning cabinets done this way. But the texture if the paint is different than latex paint. I would suggest anyone using it they need experience before undertaking such a large product. A lot of people who paint with chalk paint use different waxes to seal with including their cabinets. Painting any cabinets takes a lot of preparation. Cleaning with TSP, rinsing, lightly sanding. And unless your spraying them with a commercial sprayer you can get brush strokes if you aren't careful and know how to brush paint. And I have never seen paint with polyurethane but I have seen stain with poly.
  • Sarah's Big Idea Sarah's Big Idea on Dec 01, 2014
    Oil-based paint will yellow, water-based paint will not.
  • Chris aka monkey Chris aka monkey on Dec 01, 2014
    @Fran i am a fan of chalk paint little or no prep, is easy to use, covers well and looks fantastic when you are done, you can use water based polycrylic or varathane to seal it.... go to the search button at the top of the page and just type chalk painted cabinets and there will be multiple tutorials good luck and have fun xx
  • Shirley Shirley on Dec 01, 2014
    @Fran I painted my kitchen cabinets 14 years ago with white water-based semi gloss enamel...No yellowing to date! :)