Interested in Painting Geneva Metal Kitchen Cabinets - help?

by Erica
We have vintage, yellow, metal (steel, I think) cabinets in our kitchen. They're in pretty good shape, with the exception of some rust around the corners, handles, and interior. There are some minor dings/dents. The hardware needs replaced. Some may love the look and color of these cabinets, but I'm not one of them. I'd love to clean them up and repaint. I've been told they would have to be taken to either an auto-body or industrial shop to have them powder coated. However, I've also been told the temperature used is too high and can cause the metal to warp. Plus, it can be costly. We're on a very, tight budget. So, I'm looking into DIY alternatives. The home is almost 100 yrs old and needs a lot of work. The kitchen is where I'd like to start. The previous owners painted over the beautiful wood with Pepto pink. Ugh. The trim is pink. The walls are pink. The floor is pink. The cabinets are yellow. I just can't look at it anymore! It's possible the cabinets may contain lead? Though, I haven't been able to confirm. My thoughts were to scrub the rust off w/ a wire brush, clean well with a cleaner/degreaser, cover with a rust-proof primer. Then, paint and seal. Rustoleum appears to have some products that may work. Has anyone else here ever successfully refinished/painted these types of cabinets at home? Tips? Suggestions? I don't want to go through the process of unhinging the doors only to discover I've bitten off way more than I can chew.
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