How do I paint and stencil closet doors?


I have two 4' by 8' white closet doors. Can i do a primer paint and then stencil them?

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  • Nan W. Nan W. on Dec 21, 2019

    Margherita: I would use paint with a primer included. Then -- absolutely! -- you can stencil them! ...sounds like a fun and satisfying project!

  • Gk Gk on Dec 21, 2019

    You don't mention what finish is on your white doors right now. If they are plastic/vinyl then you would need to use a stand alone primer first--not a paint with a primer in it--then you can paint. Paint with primer in it is just a thicker paint--it doesn't act the same way that using a primer first and then painting works. In this situation--if your doors are vinyl/ plastic- I would use the primer first, then paint. Are your doors wood and have already been painted white? What kind of paint--flat, satin, eggshell, gloss? If your painted white finish on wood doors is still in good shape then you can stencil right over that paint UNLESS it is a glossy finish. If it is a glossy finish you would have to do some sanding to take the sheen/gloss off, put a coat of eggshell paint on and then stencil away!

    • Margherita McCallum Margherita McCallum on Dec 21, 2019

      Hi, the doors are thin press board of some kind. Cheap stuff. I just bought this condo six months ago and I want to "upgrade" some of the doors and stuff, but if i can save some money and just paint them and stencil, I would prefer to do that if it looks okay and not cheap looking. Also, i asked a question on wainscotting my living room without using the bottom half with wood. Like maybe i can get away with just painting the bottom half the same color as the batten board. I'll have to search google and see what i find.

  • If it's the cheap stuff, you definitely need to prime and then paint. Then you can stencil. Make sure afterwards you use a good topcoat like Polycrylic.