What should I use for painting manufactured home walls?

We have a manufactured home, 5 years old, with slightly textured walls. What is the best way to paint them? What type of paint is best? What type of roller, brushes should I use?

I've seen other manufactured home walls that have been painted and they look terrible. I don't want to end up with walls that are an eyesore.

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  • 2dogal 2dogal on Jul 10, 2018

    Any good quality latex paint will do. What type of roller depends upon the texture of the walls. Quality brushes are a must. Tape off the ceiling, etc. where you do not want paint to go for a smooth edge. Prep well first. Make sure walls are not dirty - clean shiny trim areas with TSP first.

  • Oliva Oliva on Jul 10, 2018
    First, wash the walls. Paint better adheres to clean surface. Don't paint in temps over 90° and over 50 % humidity, if you can avoid it. There are paint rollers with a 'nap", specifically designed to paint textured walls, available at home centers and hardware stores. There are extension poles that screw into specific roller handles to extend your reach, should you require this. You'll see on the packaging the level of texturing for which the rollers are designed. Behr Premium Plus works well, as would Sherwin Williams, California Paints, Benjamin Moore. Buy good quality brushes designed for application of latex paint (less odor than oil, faster drying). You'll need a tapered brush for "cut in work" near ceiling and wall edges and trim work, painters' tape that won't leave marks (3M, Frog Tape work well), paint trays with liners facilitate clean up. Wrap brushes in saran wrap and keep in refrigerator if you'll need to use them a 2nd day. If the paint smells, add few drops white vanilla liquid to light colored paint, or regular vanilla extract to darker colored paint. Trim work is usually painted in a semi gloss or gloss sheen. Use satin on walls to reflect light, matte or eggshell sheen if you prefer less reflectivity. The higher the sheen, the more surface imperfections will show.

  • Patricia Horan Patricia Horan on Jul 11, 2018

    I primed with KILZ. Then used Sherry’s Williams paint. This was after removing the seam covers and taping and spackling

    seamless walls and looks fantastic