Repainting Chalk Paint

My cabinets have been painted AND WAXED with Chalk Paint. Is it possible to remove the wax so the cabinets can be repainted?

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  • you will have to get the wax off to be able to do anything, so I think I would try a little CitriStrip as a test to see of that helps. There are other commercial de-waxing agents but CitriStrip is used friendly.

  • Cindy Hagemann Cindy Hagemann on Jan 03, 2018
    Strip or sand it off - then repaint.

  • Joanna Smith Joanna Smith on Jan 03, 2018
    Mineral Spirits and a lint-free rag.

  • Linda Sikut Linda Sikut on Jan 03, 2018
    Here's another thread with the same question. Slide down past the first 2 and start with William and Liz, go down from there. Someone also said that you can clean it and paint right over it if you're using Annie Sloan. There are some other ideas as well, but William & Liz give the most information. BTW, Liz posts more than a couple of times so keep scrolling. :)

    Annie Sloan wax removal...PLEASE HELP!
  • Sharon Sharon on Jan 03, 2018
    You can use mineral spirits to clean the wax off without stripping the paint. Use it on a soft cloth.

  • Russ Russ on Jan 03, 2018
    Thanks for the replies! Here are my notes from all of the suggestions.

    Try CitriStrip

    Mineral Spirits and a lint-free rag. (suggested 3 times)

    You can put chalkpaint over wax.

    Mineral Spirits with fine grade steel wool. Then sponge roller liquid de-glosser. (Two others said the reverse order.) (LA’s Awesome De-greaser)

    Any oily substance such as oil, mayo or even peanut butter.

    Try Goof-Off.

    Painted over ASCP paint/wax with same AS A PRIMER. Then painted over it and it’s stood up for 3 years so far.

    "Awesome" spray from the Dollar Tree made the chalk paint and wax liquid and wiped off. Cabinets were in nearly the same condition I started with. (Someone else wiped it off with fine steel wool.)