Want to paint refrigerator, seems to have rust spots- what to do?

q want to paint refrigerator seems to have rust spots

q want to paint refrigerator seems to have rust spots
q want to paint refrigerator seems to have rust spots
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  • Ken Ken on Feb 01, 2018
    It sure does need painting Mary Ann. You should get white epoxy appliance spray where you buy paint. Sand and clean the fridge, mask and lay down drop cloths anywhere you don't want paint and spray according to directions.

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  • DebM DebM on Feb 01, 2018
    After gently sanding the spots, use appliance touchup paints. You can buy them on amazon and often they have matches for the particular brand.

    To completely repaint, sand, prime with killz spray and paint with rustoleum appliance epoxy the color of your choice. I would stick to the original color myself.

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    • DebM DebM on Feb 01, 2018
      Like all spray paints, it's best used outdoors or in a carport or the like. (Very well ventilated area). I also always wear a mask when I use any paints.
      You could roll on the primer & paint using a foam roller (just my preference). Still wear a mask.

      Good luck! I hope to see your results soon.

  • Cheryl Anderson Cheryl Anderson on Feb 01, 2018
    Dawn dish detergent, scrub with a Magic Eraser and use a fine hand sanding block to take off any rust. then you can paint if needed.

  • Susan Mitchell Skovira Susan Mitchell Skovira on Feb 04, 2018
    At first we actually thought it was from the kids placing magnets all over the refrigerator - my refrigerator doors were super bad - huge rust spots(this is a known defect with the Whirlpool refrigerator we have). I lightly sanded the refrigerator wiped it clean and painted it with epoxy Appliance paint found at Home Depot. You can't even tell! Our rust spots were so big we didn't think the paint was going to cover the spots. They also had a small foam roller and paint tray for roughly $6. I believe the paint was about $15 a quart. I couldn't move my refrigerator outside so I made sure I did it when I could open every window in the house for proper ventilation. It has held up and looks fantastic. So glad I didn't go out and buy a new refrigerator! It was our only option since whirlpool discontinued replacement doors because of this problem! Just make sure you speak to someone at the store to make sure you have the right size roller. When I did this a few years back they had multiple sizes to choose from.