What is best paint for bookshelves?

two floor to ceiling built in , each 12 feet by 15 feet approximately constructed in 1880 .Seems to have in the many layers lead based. latex and oil. No consideration of stripping

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  • Tinyshoes Tinyshoes on Dec 17, 2017
    So many new paints on the market now. Chalk is one of my favorites

  • Mogie Mogie on Dec 17, 2017
    Depends on how much use or traffic they will see. Anything that is in a humid area gets a semi gloss at my house. If little dirty fingers (little kids) will be using them make sure it is a paint that you can scrub. If the bookshelves are strictly for looks go with whatever type of finish you like.

    • MRS28087905 MRS28087905 on Dec 17, 2017
      Thanks a bunch for the answer. No little fingers around, I am 80 years old. I am using a satin duration by sherwin williams , antique white. This is an ivory shade I have used on all the painted wood work. Yes I do all my own work. This house is on the National Historic Registry and upkeep is constant

  • Flipturn Flipturn on Dec 18, 2017
    Cheers to all our Octogenarian Hometalkers!
    You can be very proud that you are continuing to learn and participate in activities such as home upkeep and decorating. There are folks half your age who think they are too old to get up off the sofa and try anything new.
    I'm sure others would love to see some of the features of your 1880 house.
    If you are able to, post some pictures of your work.