What paint can I safely use on an acrylic lamp shade?


I have a white acrylic lampshade on a swag light that I was just given that I removed the wall paper designs that had been glued onto it. I am unable to remove the glue residue from the shade. I have tried WD40 and Goo Gone to no avail. I don't know what type of glue was used by the previous owner to put the cut out wallpaper designs on the shade. The areas where the cut out designs were are yellow and the glue is rough feeling. I'd like to remove the glue but don't know what other product(s) to try that wouldn't ruin the acrylic so I want to paint it. A textured paint would take care of the problem but regular paint might be able to work to make the yellowed design areas not show through when the swag light is turned on. Any suggestions for either how to safely remove the unknown glue or for what paint(s) that can be used on an acrylic swag light shade will be very much appreciated.

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