12 Tricks to Upcycling Anything

My first Do-It-Yourself (DIY) project was painting a very ornate gold mirror I found for $5 in a beautiful slate blue. Since I have tackled bigger projects, some easy and quick and others that require a labor of love and attention. Over time, I have learned and will continue to learn mostly by trial and error. I have found a way around some obstacles that presented themselves during my projects, whether it is a music box or a dresser. Here are 12 tricks to upcycling that work for me I thought I would share with you.
Secure a Screw with Nail PolishAfter tightening the loose screw, dab polish across the top for a longer-lasting fix.Cleans up tough messes even paint and permanent marker with ease with baby wipes! I always have a package on hand where I am working.
They have saved many of projects from a mess up.Loosens Old, Rusty and/or Tight ScrewsJust spray a bit on screw wait a few minutes and screw will mostly likely turn with ease.
Aluminum Foil makes a great masking tape alternative for painting. Great for roughing up something before spray painting if you can’t find any sandpaper. Use it to remove rust from metal objects – scrunch it up and scrub.Check out rest of these handy upcycling tips here: http://www.mypersonalaccent.com/12-tricks-to-upcycling-anything/
12 Tricks to Upcycling Anything!
Find out how to use tea for antiquing.
Old toothbrushes have many uses.

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