How I Painted My Basement in a Week(about an Hour a Day) TIPS & TRICKS

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They say that painting is the first step in becoming a DIYer and I couldn't agree more. It is the easiest way to update a space quickly, cheaply and basically anyone can do it. It can be time consuming but I have painted many a room and have acquired a certain set of skills that cut down on time!

You may have seen my basement staircase upgrade (see previous post) that was phase 1, phase 2 was painting the basement which is about 500 square feet.

The previous owners really loved this brown color (not a big fan) they decided to match the walls to the floor!

Ok first thing first when it comes to painting, spackle! I had a decent amount of spackling since there was old decals in the space that took off the paint when removed.

I used a spackling knife and applied the spackle in a thin layer, then waited for it to dry.

Tip 1: You are technically supposed to sand after spackling but I don't, I just use a scrapper to scrape anything off the wall that is not level and I think that looks just fine.

Here is another before photo.

Tip 2: GOOD PAINT AND PRIMER IS IMPORTANT! Back in the day, I used to use paint from Home Depot, paint is paint I thought, right? WRONG!!! It is NOT the same, Sherwin Williams is a superior product, I don't know how, I don't know why but it makes an enormous difference. The consistency is just better and cuts down on time and is a more smooth look.

I do one coat of primer with a roller and then go over the edges with a 2 inch angular brush.

Tip 3: speaking of brushes, THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT TIME SAVER I CAN SHARE. A 2 inch angular brush is the most important tool for painting. I NEVER tape, EVER! It just takes too much time and I don't have time for that. I use this brush by dipping it into the bucket of paint, then wiping off the side on the outer wall I will be painting. So if you are painting a wall, instead of taping the ceiling, hold the brush with the paint on the bottom side and angle it on the crease. This is a Purdy brush which can be purchased at Sherwin Williams, again it is superior to the Woolster that Home Depot carries.

I have the Woolster too, its ok.. just the consistency is off again! I can't explain it but it makes a big difference.

Again, I cannot stress enough how important the paint is, and don't go with the cheapest Sherwin William paint, I always go with the middle options. SuperPaint is the 2nd most expensive (by like 5 dollars! plus if you ask for a coupon they will always hook it up).

Ok you may be saying, but wait each of these paints are $50 a gallon! Fair but I do ONE coat of primer and ONE coat of paint. (professionals will say you need 3 coats but your girl don't got time for that either) So if you use crappy paint you will most likely need more like 2 coats after the primer, so you will pay more in paint anyway! Plus how much is your time worth because mine is worth a lot.

About an hour of painting a day for a week was enough to paint this whole basement :) Isn't it crazy how light and bright this space looks? I don't even hate the rug as much against the light blue!

Tip 4: Lets talk about storage for a minute, I am not that particular about the rollers, get something decent not the dollar ones but other then that no preference. But don't chuck it each day! Put a plastic shopping bag over it and it will last a week if not longer. I also use the same roller for the paint and primer.

Suggested materials:

  • Rollers
  • 2 inch angled brush   (Purdy)
  • Primer   (Sherwin Williams)
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  • William William on Aug 01, 2021

    Great job. Good tips. Looks amazing. I use no shrink drywall patching compound. Just enough to fill the voids. Once dry i use a damp sponge to smooth it out. No sanding. Always prime before painting. no matter what it is or what kind of paint.