How to Paint an Arch on a Wall & Get the Perfect Shape

by Well_shetried

Do you want to know how to paint an arch on a wall? I added this inexpensive accent to a wall. While it took me a few tries to get the size right, the arch design was easy, quick, and the only cost is the paint you use.

I was able to get the perfect arch shape by using a little bit of string tied to a pencil! Let me show you how to paint arches on a wall.

Tools and materials

  • Paint in your desired colors
  • Paintbrushes
  • Painter's tape
  • Drop cloth or newspaper
  • Measuring tape
  • Pencil
  • String
  • Small nails or adhesive hooks

Step 1: Prep the area

Lay down a drop cloth or newspaper to protect your floor from any accidental spills.

Measuring the wall

Step 2: Measure the wall

Start by measuring the height and width of the wall where you want to paint the arch. Use a measuring tape to get accurate dimensions.

Finding the center of the arch

Step 3: Find the center

Locate the center of the wall by dividing the width measurement in half. Mark this point lightly with a pencil.

Prepping the string and pencil

Step 4: Prepare the string and pencil

Cut a piece of string that is longer than the width of your arch. Tie one end of the string securely to the pencil.

Making the arch
Drawing the arch outline

Step 5: Create the arch outline

Hold the string tight at the center point on the wall and extend the pencil to one side. Slowly swing the pencil in an arc from one side to the other, creating the outline of your arch. This

ensures a symmetrical and well-proportioned shape.

Applying painter's tape to the wall

Step 6: Apply painter's tape

Carefully apply painter's tape along the edges of the arch outline. This will help create clean lines and prevent paint from bleeding onto the surrounding wall.

Step 7: Paint the outline

Use a paintbrush to carefully trace and fill in the arch outline with your chosen color. Take your time to ensure precision and neatness.

Step 8: Roll on the rest

Once the outline is complete and dry, use a paint roller to fill in the rest of the arch with the same or a different color. This method provides an even and smooth finish.

Step 9: Remove painter's tape

Wait for the paint to dry completely before carefully removing the painter's tape. This step helps reveal sharp and clean edges.

How to paint an arch on a wall

How to paint an arch on a wall

That’s all it takes to paint an arch on a wall! This simple DIY arch wall painting idea can add a touch of creativity and personality to any room in your home.

Let me know in the comments where and how you’ve painted arches in your home.

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