How to Paint Walls Like a Pro

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Painting your walls can give your home a completely new look and doesn't require you to break the bank. If you're going to do the paint work yourself, it can get messy and difficult and end up looking like a kindergartener did it. This guide will help you paint your walls and make it look like the pros did it!

Get your supplies ready

You'll need:

  • a paint brush (I prefer an angled brush)
  • a roller tray
  • a roller brush (and pole attachment to make it easy)
  • paint
  • a drop cloth
  • speckling paste & putty knife
  • sanding sponge
Prep your walls

This is a really important step and shouldn't be overlooked! To get professional looking results, you need to fill in any holes that are in your walls with speckling paste & a putty knife. Then, when it's dry, sand down those areas with a sanding sponge.

This will ensure that your results look great!

Paint the trim, baseboards, and crown molding first

If you do these spots first, then you don't have to worry about getting paint on the walls. It's OK if you do because you'll paint the walls last and will cover up any splatter.

Paint alongside the edges

Once all the trim paint dries, paint along the edges of the trim, baseboards, and crown molding. If you want, you can use painter's tape. I prefer not to use tape, as I like to use an angled brush and drag it down alongside the trim.

Paint the walls

This is the last step and all you need to do is use your roller brush. If you do these steps in order, you should get a nice clean paint job on your walls. Just remember to let paint dry between coats, if you need to apply two coats of paint to your walls. And, make sure to use a drop cloth during this process so you don't get your floors messy.

For a more in-depth look at painting walls, types of sheens to use, my favorite products and more, check out this post on my blog.

Suggested materials:

  • Paint   (Home Depot)
  • Paint brush (angled)   (Home Depot)
  • Paint roller   (Home Depot)
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