Going to The Birds Via Stencil

8 Hours
I have been putting off stripping the wallpaper in the bathroom for many reasons, well, any reason is more like it. You see that seam above the door, well I've been watching that for months waiting for it to just fall off. I figured I'd give it a chance.......
So when Hometalk invited me to partner up with Cutting Edge Stencils and do whatever I wanted I jumped on it and got stripping. :)

I went to their site cuttingedgestencils.com and couldn't believe the choices. They have EVERYTHING, I finally narrowed it down to three and ended up picking one of their new line called FLOCK OF CRANES. I wanted to stay with a black and white colour scheme but of course that didn't stop me trying out other colours and here are my sample boards.
I wanted this to be a subtle application, not like a scene from Alfred Hitchcock, so I decided black walls and black and grey metallic birds so the shine is subtle. I painted the walls a black latex eggshell and mixed up my own grey (silver) with my secret weapon paint, Modern Masters metallics, which I keep for special occations, kind of like good jewelry. I only mixed up about half a cup, a little Black Pearl into the Steel Grey.
The biggest stencil I ever used was about 12 X 12 inches and this one was approx 2 X 4 feet. It was really well made and a good thing as I bent it, molded it, pushed it and dropped it a few times. In retrospect I should have cut it in half, after all it was mine now, not rented. I wanted the birds helter skelter anyway, hence the bending, pushing, dropping. They even sent me a small single bird for tight spaces which I used a lot. So here is the final result....
The main wall
I did several small areas with semi gloss black latex so those birds only show at certain angles and just to bug my husband I did one crane flying the wrong way. It will drive him nuts every time he's in there. Yes, I told him. :)

This was such a fun project, easy to do and I want to thank Cutting Edge Stencils for all the great tools and advice and also Hometalk for inviting me.

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