Yes You CAN Paint Vinyl & Linoleum Floor With Stencils!

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Problem: Old vinyl and linoleum floors are mostly ugly and outdated as well as expensive and time consuming to rip out and replace.
Solution: Paint and stencil them for fresh beauty on a serious budget.
Yeah, we realize that paint and stencils is our go-to solution for almost every home DIY redecorating project, but there you go… ;)

Most people plan to save up for the installation of beautiful tile or wood when they buy a home with old vinyl or linoleum floors - but who wants to live with something ugly while saving since it’s so easy to DIY a solution? We have the answer! Painting and stenciling can be a terrific temporary or permanent fix for old and outdated floors – and it's super cost-effective too! Check out how these creative customers used Floor Stencils to paint over vinyl or linoleum flooring…
Kimberly Shadoff says, “We didn’t have it in the budget to change out the icky vinyl flooring in our master bath, so I got crafty and stenciled right over that bad boy!! With Chalk Paint® and a beautiful stencil from Royal Design Studio I’m now in love with these floors!” That’s right ladies and gentlemen! That’s a VINYL floor! But who would have even known? Our Lisboa Tile Stencil makes any floor look ravishing and it’s pretty easy to do too!
Jenda didn’t want to spend a lot of effort and money on her kids’ bathroom so she decided to paint over the vinyl floor tiles. She used our Endless Moorish Circles Moroccan Craft Stencil in a checkerboard effect… she says, “I am beyond excited with how it turned out. It is now filled with character and I am jealous that it is nicer than my master bath!”
Sometimes we all get busy as a bee and overlook our undecorated rooms (like the bathroom!), but with our French Bee Trellis Stencil, you can makeover a vinyl floor with ease. What do you think of Patina Home & Garden’s buzz-worthy floor makeover?
Semigloss Design loves home improvement projects that are inexpensive and simple. She updated her bathroom but the ugly vinyl tiles seemed to be even more pronounced after the makeover. They had to go, so she used our Cadiz Tile Stencil to pretty up her floor and to make the vinyl look like expensive cement tiles.
SG Style was looking for a fix for the linoleum floor in her kitchen using the Lisboa Tile Stencil. "We had worked so hard to make the rest of the space pretty and the builder basic linoleum sheeting was a total buzz kill.  What I didn't have was the thousands of dollars it was going to cost to completely redo the floors so I turned to DIY to help me give them a face lift. I knew Royal Design Studio wasn't only going to be a good place for a quality stencil, but would also be a great place for tutorials and tips to help me get the project done right." She's right - we're here to help and inspire!
It looks like a LOT of homes still have those ugly vinyl floors, but don’t worry if you have one too! Chalk Paint® by Annie Sloan, Floor Lacquer Sealant, and our Casablanca Trellis Stencil can make it look like you ripped out that vinyl and put in new flooring. Look how Studio 184’s floor makeover turned out!
Creative customer Debi Maerz used our Lisboa Tile Stencil over a bath linoleum floor in a striking black and white scheme. It’s a wonderful allover pattern for flooring, rugs, and floorcloths and you can easily use several colors to make the different design elements pop, too!
Suggested materials:
  • Floor Stencils from Royal Design Studio   (
  • Annie Sloan Chalk Paint   (
  • Floor Sealant Lacquer   (
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  • Doityourselfer Doityourselfer on Nov 07, 2017

    What was the process? It's beautiful!

  • Rick Rick on Feb 24, 2018

    Great idea! I am renovating my mom's old house and there are a few sheets vinyl floors that would be very expensive to replace. Can you share what type of white paint you used to paint the flooring? Thanks, Rick

  • Corinne Corinne on Jun 07, 2019

    I am going to stencil my vinyl floor. I bought a stencil but my question is after you have done the first stencil, how do you know where to place the next stencil. Since there is a space around the actual stencil and my floors don’t have actual tiles on them, how do you align the next stencil? Thanks for any help you can provide.

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  • Michelle Leslie Michelle Leslie on May 16, 2017

    Oh yay, that's so great to know. Does it hold up in high traffic areas

    • B. Enne B. Enne on May 16, 2017
      I painted a kitchen and a small bathroom floor. They're are holding up okay, and look so much cleaner than the yellowed floors. I did get a couple of scratches in the kitchen, but I just touched them up, and it was fine. I painted both floors white, so I could just get them done at the same time, while no one was home. I think the stencilled floors would hide more. Of course a new floor is always the better choice, but it wasn't in the budget for me, and they were never meant to be permanent. I figured, I could add a new coat of polycrylic every year if necessary...faster than a wax and buff of yore, but I haven't had to do it yet.
  • B. Enne B. Enne on May 16, 2017

    great varied examples!