Portable Fire Pit in Just 5 Minutes!

If you're looking for fire pit ideas, this DIY outdoor fire pit is the easiest project imaginable.
I first did it as a date night for me and hubby and it was a big hit. We used a much smaller terra cotta pot to set up the fire pit on our porch and had a nice romantic evening of s'mores making.
I ripped large pieces of the tin foil and used my hands to push the tin foil down and around inside the terra cotta pot. This keeps the heat coming back up to you, and protects the pot a bit.
I used coals because it takes so much less time to build a fire. But most of the time we have use a fire pit, we build our fire out of sticks.
Lighting coals goes very quickly. When I use sticks, I have to start with dried grass and smaller sticks and slowly build up the fire til it gets to a nice size.
Who needs an outdoor fireplace when you can make your own backyard fire pit so easily and cheaply?

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  • Linda Linda on Oct 14, 2020

    I am going to start looking for a pot. What a great idea. I think on my wood deck I will need to create a base for it- maybe bricks or flagstone.

    • Everett Everett on Oct 31, 2020

      So , light a small fire and let it burn and progress slowly that way the immersion into higher temps happens gradually and in that way the clay pot slowly absorbs heat rise and won’t crack . Too hot too fast and it’s going to bust .

  • MJ MJ on Jun 23, 2021

    Use Caution! Unglazed terra cotta can absorb moisture. If the pot is not completely dry when the fire is started, the entrapped moisture can create steam and cause cracking.