Another type of Ginger ????

Okay, here we go again !!! My sister brought this plant over to my house to see if I had any idea what it was.......I'd never seen one before but I told her I knew some people that WOULD know and would find out for her !!! So here it is!! Don't let me down ! I've been bragging about you guys and gals !!!! Thank you in advance !!!!
q another type of ginger, gardening
q another type of ginger, gardening
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  • Douglas Hunt Douglas Hunt on Aug 09, 2013
    Hedychium gardnerianum, I think.

  • Sheila Suarez Sheila Suarez on Aug 09, 2013
    Thanks Douglas! I knew you'd come through! ......not that I can pronounce the first part of this !!!!! I'm starting to really like the common names of some of these plants !!!! I will look this up !!

  • Phillip Williams Phillip Williams on Aug 11, 2013
    Sounds like a description of my great Aunt Sophie!

  • Phillip Williams Phillip Williams on Aug 11, 2013
    Be careful, I see that it can be very aggressive: Hedychium gardnerianum is the most widely cultivated Hedychium species as an ornamental plant in gardens and parks. It prefers a warm tropical climate, although it can thrive in sub-tropical and temperate regions by tolerating light, infrequent frosts. The plant is a serious invasive species in certain areas. It is known as 'wild kahili ginger' and is listed as a weed of concern on conservation land in New Zealand,[1] Hawaii[2] and the Azores.[3] It has been recognized as one of "The World's 100 Worst Invasive Alien Species" by the IUCN Invasive Species Specialist Group (ISSG).

  • Sheila Suarez Sheila Suarez on Aug 11, 2013
    oh wow, I guess I'd better tell my sister that. It's a shame it's so invasive because it's beautiful !! Thank you so much Phillip ! I'm pretty new to the Ginger families but I just can't get over how many different types there are and how pretty!

  • Nancy Hand Nancy Hand on Aug 11, 2013
    Wow love it! Very pretty! My Gingers are just starting to bloom. :)

    • Lavachk1 Lavachk1 on Aug 13, 2013
      @Nancy Hand I just noticed you were from Enigma,GA of all places. Too funny, I thought my sister was the only You may know her since the town isn't very large. her name is Tina Sapp

  • Sheila Suarez Sheila Suarez on Aug 11, 2013
    Thank you Nancy ! I'm wondering how far north gingers will grow (without taking them inside for the winter) ??!!??

    • Douglas Hunt Douglas Hunt on Aug 12, 2013
      @Sheila Suarez It depends on the type of ornamental ginger. I'm sure many of them would be fine for you in Brooksville.

  • Jessica C Jessica C on Aug 11, 2013
    Wisconsin farmers grow ginger regularly. We are zones 4-5. The cold is not a problem as far as I know.

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    • Jessica C Jessica C on Aug 12, 2013
      @Douglas Hunt Good question, I am not sure. I have friends that grow it in their garden and I know it is farmed in the northern areas. I will ask around and see what variety it is.

  • Lisa Brady Lisa Brady on Aug 11, 2013
    well some how I don't think I will attempt any Ginger yet again we were still getting snow in may we got a heatwave for the last week in July and now its mild or muggy and the Cabbage Whites have now woken up and laid there eggs so our Kale and late Brasillica's are now under attack they lulled us into a false sense of security i don't know if their late or early but they are the major topic over the fence of most British allotment. Oh and the abundance of Zucchini too.Any unusual receipes for this mini Marrow would be wonderful in the meantime I shall hunt down any unusual plants to test your botanist .

  • Sheila Suarez Sheila Suarez on Aug 13, 2013
    Really !! I thought all Gingers were a tropical plant! I will have to look up and see what types grow up that far !!! Jessica, I wonder if that is the type of ginger that we use that is in our spice racks ???!!