Anyone want to recommend a wireless digital thermostat

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  • Honeywell, THR842 These are supported by most manufactures and available at most supply stores. This type of thermostat however should be installed by a professional contractor familiar with your heating and cooling system. The one question I would have is why do you want this? These typically are used in homes where its not practical to run extra wires when a new heating or cooling system that is installed needs extra wires that would be difficult if not impossible to install due to finished areas. Here is the link to the one I would suggest.

  • Baby H Baby H on Jun 05, 2012
    Hello Woodbridge, I'm starting to look into an whole house automation system and was asked if I wanted a wireless thermostat also. Conventiently my current digital thermostat is on the blink. So I wanted to see who's using what and see if this is even something worth getting. Thanks

  • That's cool, I would look into the Honeywell line of products for this as well. They make some neat stuff that you can wireless connect and see remotely from your smart phone. Lights, heat and ac, alarm, garage door all sorts of stuff. The one thing however you need to be aware of is the package systems that many of the alarm folks sell. While these are great products, oftentimes you need to subscribe to their services on a monthly basis for the system to work. Look into the systems that you own and control. May be a bit more expensive on the start, but overall it will cost you less in the long run. Also remember if you decide to go the home automation route, that you purchase products that will work together. There are tons of automation devices available these days, but many do not work or play with each other very nicely. So be sure you pick a brand that has all the possible options that you would eventually want in your home. I would be a shame to put in a fairly expensive thermostat only to find out you need another one when you decide to get that remote light device installed later on. Keep us posted on what you decide to do.

  • Scott R Scott R on Jun 07, 2012

  • Baby H Baby H on Jun 08, 2012
    Ordered the Visionpro honeywell 8000