Blue Dahlia Question

We know this magnificent flower is a Dahlai, butdoes anyone know the name of this particular variety?
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  • No, but I suspect the photo may have been photo enhanced for the colour. If not, I sure would like to know what it is too!

  • Douglas Hunt Douglas Hunt on Sep 07, 2013
    According to Wikipedia, "In 1846 the Caledonia Horticultural Society of Edinburgh, offered a prize of 2,000 pounds to the first person producing a blue dahlia. The color has never been produced."

  • Waysouth Waysouth on Sep 07, 2013
    probably a white one, has been coloured by using blue food colouring in the water

  • Teresa Teresa on Oct 30, 2016
    There is as of yet, no blue dahlia, although what we call purple is what is called blue in the horticultural world.