Bright under cabinet lighting

What is the brightess undercabinet lighting that I can get that will come in two lengths...a 4 foot and a 18 inch that will connect to each other then be plugged in to a outlet. Husband does not want to put anymore can lights in ceiling....and I need the extra lighting.
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  • There are several types of lighting available for under counter use. I fully understand why your husband does not want a wiring mess to work with. Its a pain to work under the upper cabinets and the less wires the faster it goes. This link shows you many different types and styles of lights that you can utilize. Some are 110 volt and others are low voltage much like that you find outside in a garden. Those lights use a transformer that is located perhaps in the basement and then a low voltage wire is run. Making these lights easy to install as the wires can be easily tacked into place. Most fixtures can be series wired into place so only one feed wire needs to be installed then the wire goes out one end of the fixture and back into the other. I am passing this question onto another contractor here that does lighting for a living. I am sure he will have many good suggestions for your consideration on this.

  • Lin R Lin R on Jan 13, 2012
    Some great info Woodbridge.

  • LandlightS LandlightS on Jan 13, 2012
    Although not my favorite, you can find T5 fluorescent strip lights that interconnect and plug into an outlet. They would be the least expensive and can be found at HD & Lowes. The above link from Woodbrige offers some great alrernatives (I've used their LED strips), but more expensive. However, if you choose LEDs, you will save tons on energy and probably never have to change a light bulb. Good lighting to you and Happy New Year

  • Clara H Clara H on Jan 13, 2012
    Thank you so much for the information