can anyone tell me to keep smoke coming from the person next store

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  • 3po3 3po3 on Jun 09, 2012
    Ugh, I hate the smell of smoke. I'm assuming from your question that you can't close off the ventilation between your rooms. One thing that sounds goofy but actually helps a little bit is taping dryer sheets over the vents. It should block a lot of the smell.

  • KMS Woodworks KMS Woodworks on Jun 10, 2012
    I'm assuming you share a common wall? If so you might be able to reduce possible air flow between the rooms by sealing up around electrical boxes. normally this is done on exterior wall to help with air leaks and drafts from a heating and cooling perspective but in this case it may work here to keep the smoke out.

  • Nancy L Nancy L on Jun 10, 2012
    Thanks for the answers, but I'm still hoping for more ideas.

  • Nancy L Nancy L on Jun 10, 2012
    im living in high raise apart smoke getting in from next store please help

  • Nancy L Nancy L on Jun 10, 2012
    Thanks for the answers, but I'm still hoping for more ideas.

  • Miriam Illions Miriam Illions on Jun 10, 2012
    Nancy, how is the smoke getting in?

  • KMS Woodworks KMS Woodworks on Jun 10, 2012
    Is this coming in through your open window...from their open windows...or is this from some type of vent, wall penetration etc.

  • Odors such as tobacco smoke, cooking and exhaust fans can be quite difficult to correct. As a non-smoker my wife and I both get the same odors from our windows when the neigbor four houses down smokes on his front porch. Its hard for some people to understand how sensitive non smokers are to this odor. In your case, the odors can be coming from many sources. These depend upon the construction of your building you reside in or work in. If you have individual AC systems that are placed below the windows in many high rise units. They offer ventilation modes. These modes push out or draw in indoor air as they run. Depending upon the setting of yours and your neighbors unit, your system can be drawing in the smell whenever it runs. Another reason why you can be getting these odors is ventilation unit. On high rise units, the builder often uses a common chase and vent system to pull out offensive odors from kitchens and baths. Being connected to most likely the same vent system as next door, you can be getting this odor from that system by itself. My suggestion is to do a few things. Assuming you have a wall mounted or even window mounted AC system. Purchase charcoal filters to install in the AC system. This will absorb some of the odors you are finding offensive. Be sure to put your ac system on recirculate mode, and not fresh air mode as that will prevent the system from pulling in the smelly outside air back into the apartment. Another thing you can do, is to bring this offensive odor to the attention of the building management. There are often newer laws that in effect in many towns and communities such as multifamily housing that protects you against these unwanted issues. Perhaps checking with them their building maintenance people can assist in finding the source of the entrance of the smells. The last thing you can do is to purchase air fresheners that mask the odors your experiencing. Its a shame you have to spend money to prevent someones elses bad habit from effecting you, but that is the way it seems to be.

  • Polly Zieper Polly Zieper on Nov 23, 2015
    Do you mean NEXT DOOR? Or is it a store? And if there's a wall between you, how is smoke getting in?

  • Beatrice Tangeman Beatrice Tangeman on Apr 30, 2016
    Are you in an apartment complex, condo ? Do you live in a rural area where they burn trash or brush? Give us more details gal, obviously many would like to help find you a better answer.

  • Polly Zieper Polly Zieper on May 01, 2016
    I think you probably mean from the person' next door', unless the unit next to you is a store. have you thought of asking the landlord or maintanence staff if there's a common air intake or any vent between the units that could've redirected?