Can I paint over a sticky painted dresser?

I bought an old fashioned dresser set that I love but anything that sits on the top for a few days sticks to it. Is this the result of oil paint and can I cover it with latex? Or will that stay sticky too? Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks
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  • The sticky surface needs to be removed before you try to paint over it. Sticky paint is often the result of a faulty paint that has not properly dried. And when it gets warm it gets sticky again. If you paint over it, you risk failure of the new paint. Sanding it will not work as it will clog the paper, I suggest that you strip the tops and sides and properly prime and paint or stain if the finish comes off easy enough. With all the new paint stripping chemicals available these days, it really is not all that hard to do, It will only take a few hours more to get the job done.

  • I completely agree with have to strip it to bare wood and then apply the finish of your choice. And since the top is all that's causing you problems, tape and cover the rest of the dresser to protect it during the messy process. Now would be a good time to consider doing a special paint technique just on the top...maybe a stencil or faux finish... Let us know how it goes. :)

  • Jannet Findlater Jannet Findlater on Feb 21, 2013
    thank you it will be my summer project