Chalk paint

1) can you use satin paint and plaster of paris to make your own chalk paint?
2) Using the above receipe seems to leave a gritty finish which then needs to be lightly sanded. Does this happen with flat paint and unsanded tile grout?
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  • I have made my own chalk paint (2 TBSP Plaster of Paris with 1 TBSP water, mix. Add to 2 cups of latex paint (I've used satin finish). I can't see your recipe, but this recipe works really well for me. I don't have to sand it. I have also read that when you use unsanded grout, you should not sand it due to some harmful something (I can't remember) being emitted when that grout is sanded. That's why I used Plaster of Paris. I hope this helps!

  • Mary-Jo Jensen-Schramm Mary-Jo Jensen-Schramm on Jul 13, 2013 has an excellent article about chalk paint. I used Plaster of Paris mixed with water then with paint and it went on perfectly and looks wonderful. After I painted and let it dry I went over it with a paste wax and buffed for a nice finish. I might be addicted to chalk paint.

  • Heidiweller Heidiweller on Jul 04, 2015
    The best chalk paint I ever used is made with calcium carbonate. You can buy it on line (Amazon) it is very inexpensive. It never hardens or gets lumpy after you've mixed it up. 2Tbls calcium carbonate add small amount of slightly warm water and stir, it should be like pancake batter. Add it to 1 cup of latex paint and stir well. It will be very smooth and cover your piece well.