Dead tree - remove completely or grind down?

We have a tree that's about 16' tall in our yard that's right at the corner of our street and the cross street....we are also almost immediately into the subdivision so it's seen by everyone. It's completely dead, no life at all to it. Looks like it might have been dogwood? Anyhow, it's been there a few years and the roots look deep to me so I'm unsure about removing it and making a huge mess of my yard. I think we could cut it down and use the stump for decor....suggestions?
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  • Debbie Dean Debbie Dean on May 03, 2013
    The easiest way would be to cut it down and use the stump for decor. Check and see if your neighborhood association has any law about it. They may require removing the stump.

  • Kimberly Barney Kimberly Barney on May 03, 2013
    Dogwoods usually do not have large stumps so the removal should not be that difficult. I am not saying to dig up the stump as that can be a chore. You can cut the stump down to the ground, score the stump, and burn it out.

  • KMS Woodworks KMS Woodworks on May 03, 2013
    what diameter is the trunk on this? If it is big enough to hold a flower pot you could set it up a flower garden....or just cut it flush with the ground.

  • If its a small trunk dig around the stump and cut below the soil line. If its larger I would suggest that you rent a stump grinder and grind below the soil line and fill with fresh topsoil. Just understand, The trunk will rot eventually in the ground requiring you to fill the hole as the soil settles over the next few years. Leaving the stump above ground and placing a planter or something along that line is fine, but if the stump begins to rot and decay you will need to treat it for insects to prevent an infestation on the yard.

  • Jeannine Maranchuk Jeannine Maranchuk on May 04, 2013
    Personally I would find someone to carve into it something that means a lot to you. I have had dragons carved into stumps & faces as well. There are some really talented chainsaw carvers out there.

  • 360 Sod (Donna Dixson) 360 Sod (Donna Dixson) on May 04, 2013
    @Diana Prater It depends on your HOA if you have one. All of the ideas suggested are viable alternatives which you could implement. Gainesville Ga has some neighborhoods that are pretty strict with their HOA rules and will require that you replace the tree with a comparable size and variety. Others are much kinder and laxer and you can do what you like.

  • Diana Prater Diana Prater on May 06, 2013
    Thanks Donna....I believe ours is pretty relaxed, there is basically NO uniformity in our neighborhood at all. Everyone has totally different landscaping and some don't even bother laying grass, ha! Thanks for the input, I'll make sure to email them first.

  • Diana Prater Diana Prater on May 06, 2013
    The tree is about 8 inches in diameter. It's not too large, but not too small. It would definitely hold a flower pot easy.

  • Diana Prater Diana Prater on May 06, 2013
    Oh, never thought about carving Jeannine...Great idea! You guys are all so helpful