Do I need a plumber or a general contractor?

We need to repair or replace the plumbing in our master bathroom and laundry room, which will involve tearing out some drywall and the floors. We've had some bad luck with plumbers since buying our 1930s home. I'm wondering if, in the long run, we're better off trying to find a contractor who can find someone to do the replumbing AND the new floors.
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  • Since the project involves Plumbing floors and drywall. it is better if a GC is involved. Try doing a search here on Hometalk. There are many reputable local companies who can help you with this project. Here is the link -[]=72

  • KMS Woodworks KMS Woodworks on Mar 02, 2012
    Most plumbers are just "plumbers" and some handyman types can do both...the problems come with the level of experience that these special trades have. Not too many plumbers have set thousand of sq feet of tile...or hung thousands of sq feet of drywall. A "full service" remodeler may be your best best unless you want to hire out each trade. One of the most common comments I get from my clients is that they love the "one stop" shopping experience I can provide. Some days I wear a plumbers hat, other days I can be installing windows, doors, tile, hardwood, cabinets, trim or just some painting.

  • What you are really after is someone who understands older bungalow style homes....and gets that alot of what is there is likely rigged together. A GC with this type of experience is great...if you can find them but it might be expensive to go this route. What exactly is going on with the plumbing? Has it ever been replumbed or do you have the original cast iron drains still? What kind of flooring are you thinking about?

  • Mike Mike on Mar 06, 2012
    HandyANDY, you are definitely right - a lot of our house is rigged together :) We're not positive what's going on with the plumbing, but the best guess is that the laundry room was added on at a later date and is tied into the old cast iron pipe. We had to do a new main sewer line a couple of years ago, and the kitchen and guest bath are fine after that. We didn't start having problems with the other side of the house until last spring. The pipes are backed up for the washer and the master bathroom toilet. We've never been able to use the bathtub because the drain is clogged with debris from the remodel (which occurred before we bought the place). This house has been pretty much a money pit since we closed on it. :(

  • Mike Mike on Mar 12, 2012
    Thanks for the answers, but I'm still hoping for more ideas.