Dumbell rack

I need to store 4 sets of dumbells in my LR. Can’t find any other place. There is space next to the fireplace so it has to be cute.
q dumbell rack
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  • what about a type of wine rack? maybe that would work.

  • Dysko7710 Dysko7710 on Dec 29, 2017
    Could you hide a small rack in a storage bench, or a trunk?

  • Cindy Cindy on Dec 29, 2017
    What about behind/under your sofa? Or, I see you already have wooden crates. You could paint them, and stack them. You could even put caster wheels under them so that you could turn the dumb bells out of sight.

  • Darlyne Hayes Darlyne Hayes on Dec 29, 2017
    Stack or lay them, as many as can slide comfortably under the LR couch or chairs, out of sight. If your furniture has a high clearance and the dumbbells are visible, purchase inexpensive curtain material that matches well with your upholstery, cut it, and put the cut part under the cushion to hang down to the floor to hide the space where the dumbbells are stored. The finished edge of the curtain would hang down near the floor. Dumbells are not exactly a decorative item in their raw form. Another option is under beds. Swap out the ones you’re using and slide the one’s not in use back under the furniture. To keep from scratching hard wood floors, if you have them, put down a placemat or dark towel, put dumbbells on it and slide under the furniture. If there’s carpeting, then there’s no problem.

  • Lola Lola on Jan 03, 2018
    Own it! Out of sight out of mind! Therfor dont put it under beds etc. Create an inspiration by the fireplace that will make you and your guests want to work out. Display your dumbells by using upbeat colors or posters. A pic frame with abs or dumbell workout will help. Fyi: keep them together so is easy to reach.
    Good luck!