Dust in the desert

I need help! I live in the Phoenix area and have not adjusted to the dust from the environment. When I dust furniture using the common aerosol sprays, 5 minutes later the furniture has more dust on it as if the spray attracts the dust. When the pet cat walks across it the foot prints are maximized and looks worse than when I started. What can I use to eliminate the dust and not have prints and smears?
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  • KMS Woodworks KMS Woodworks on May 22, 2013
    We live on a dirt road and have two wood stoves in the home. Changing your furnace filters often will help. You need to look at this as a "global" management plan. In early june we also experience the "yellow wind" this is where thousand of square miles of local pine pollen is released. Being June, we like to open windows as this is the first part of the year where it is warm enough for this. I have not used an aerosol "furniture dusting" spray in over 20 years. a lightly damped cotton rag is our goto method for furniture. we use a heavy "towel" type rag for doing the hardwood floors and granite tile. sometimes "dry dusting" is done with the cotton rag. Closing windows on windy days will help keep the dust outside.

  • Rozanne M Rozanne M on May 22, 2013
    This doesn't answer my question because furnace filters changed religiously and windows are closed. Will try the damp cotton rag.

  • Sia@South 47th Sia@South 47th on May 23, 2013
    Try Briwax. ;)

  • Use something like a Swifter dusting pad, that will help capture the dust. Aerosols are a no-no for the most part, we only used them once or twice a year to help protect the wood after dusting (generally spring & fall). As for the "so much dust" issue - that is probably because your ducts are in the attic & sucking in the dust from there - get them sealed up properly & insulated http://bit.ly/DuctSeal Once that is done you will need a real good vacuuming of your carpet as the dust is probably pretty well ingrained in it & maybe even sitting on or under the pad

  • KMS Woodworks KMS Woodworks on May 23, 2013
    Most furniture in people's homes is finished with some type of poly or lacquer. The use of silicone and wax products can actually pose more problems. In the rare case you have natural wood finishes...one product that I have used for years is Howards feed and wax. It is a blend of bees wax and orange oil. a light application and rub down with a dry cotton rag can last months.

  • Margaret Margaret on Jun 02, 2013
    I too have lived many years in the desert. I am afraid nothing will help with the problem of airborne dust. I have just had to get used to it (even though I have asthma )and not expect the house to look like a magazine photo. My motto: my house gets dusted once a week whether it needs it or not. We no longer live in Tucson, but are presently in south Texas, where the same problem is endemic. Sorry I couldn't help more.

  • Rozanne M Rozanne M on Jun 03, 2013
    I have tried Howards feed and wax and am very pleased with the results. Dust has come back in a few days but the furniture looks great, no paw prints or marks and the dust is not as thick or noticeable. Will also try a damp microfiber cloth as maintenance. Will dust once a week and learn to live with it. Thanks for help and suggestions.

  • Cathy B Cathy B on Aug 19, 2013
    Sadly, dust is just part of it. I moved from Colorado and I just had to get over it. Hard for an OCD person ;) Nice thing is everybody deals with it and they don't even notice. They just roll their eyes and say what's new. It's one of those topics(like the heat) no one talks about.

  • Cathy B Cathy B on Aug 19, 2013
    @Rozanne M Also, the mirco fiber cloths, slightly damp help.