Faucet sticks

My bathroom faucet needs loosening up. I have arthritis in my fingers and I can't turn the faucet on. There must be something I can spray on it to loosen it up. Help!!
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  • Kim Propp Kim Propp on Aug 22, 2013
    what about unloosening the screw? Maybe it is on too tight? Or have you tried WD 40?

  • Anne Knox-Risenhoover Anne Knox-Risenhoover on Aug 22, 2013
    My 75 year old hands are arthritic so I can't do that. I did try WD40 once - maybe I'll give it another shot. Thanks!

  • Faucet valves are sealed using a packing and packing nut. Under the valve handle itself should be a large nut. If you back that nut off about a 1/4 turn you should see an improvement with the ability to turn the handle. However you may also then see some water slightly drip out from around the faucet stem. If that is the case, you should contact a local plumber or handy person and have them repack the valve stem and adjust it so the faucet will work easy for you and not leak. How this works there is a packing material that has graphite on the material. The material often much like a string is wrapped around the faucet stem. As the nut is tightened down it squeezes the packing material down and around the stem preventing the water inside the valve from leaking out. The graphite acts as a lubricant making the handle turn easy when there is pressure against it. However as the faucet ages it becomes worn making it more difficult to turn the handle. Eventually the faucet may need to be changed. When that is required, be sure to purchase single lever type that only require you to push or pull and not turn making it easier for you to use the sink.

  • Anne Knox-Risenhoover Anne Knox-Risenhoover on Aug 23, 2013
    Thank you so much for the information.