do you have a home remedy for fleas ?
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  • Mary Neely Mary Neely on Aug 22, 2013
    I would Like to know also fleas are very bad this year.

  • Bonnie D Bonnie D on Aug 22, 2013
    diatomaceous earth. You can get at pool stores and some home improvement stores. Perfectly safe for the pets and kiddos. Sprinkle in carpet and vacuum after a few minutes (or sprinkle at night then vacuum in morning).

  • Donia Camarena Donia Camarena on Aug 22, 2013
    My friend swears by Lowry's garlic. He sprinkles it on their food. But he said it has to be Lowry's and not a knock-off.

  • Bonnie D Bonnie D on Aug 23, 2013
    I have used the garlic. It works well too. Must get out of the carpet. I put garlic powder on my dog's food too. You can also put a bit of the DE on the food to keep worms away! Don't know why I didn't think of that! I do it daily. Thanks Donia for nudging me!

  • Catherine Smith Catherine Smith on Aug 24, 2013
    You can also spread pelletized lime on your yard area, which will help keep them off your dog.

  • Clay B Clay B on Aug 24, 2013
    I use Borax (laundry aisle at store), but next time will try Diatomaceous Earth. I made my own spinkler/shaker out of a plastic peanut butter jar, drilled 3/8" holes in lid, lots of them. Sprinkle on carpet, then sweep it in with a broom to get the granuals down in the carpet. I do all the carpets that I can get to. You would wait a few days before vacuuming. Not sure how safe this stuff is around Children or Pets however. As Bonnie D above mentions diatomaceous earth, and may be a safer alternative. I would still sweep it in, and leave it for a couple days. From what I understand, the fleas eat it, and die. When you vacuum up, I would use a micro type filter bag type vacuum (allergen), the best you can get. and open windows and put fans in them to blow the air out. (put fans in a couple windows blowing out, not blowing in, this will draw fresh air in from other open windows) I don't think you would breath enough to get sick, but I do this just a precaution. There is controversy on the safety of Borax, do you own research and decide for yourself.

  • Catherine Catherine on Aug 26, 2013
    We actually had fleas in our basement! My husband is a fanatic when it comes to bugs. He does not like to use any chemicals either(we had sugar ants for a while also which we used Terro). He actually vacuumed(shop vac) our basement (cement floors) everyday. Tada! Gone! Someone told us they were sand fleas. He said he didn't care, fleas were fleas!