HELP DEER ate my whole garden up!

We are going to replant as much as we can but does anyone have any organic suggestions to keep these "cuties" out besides fencing. Been there and so have they. Pushed the fence over (deer netting with steel posts) Bad enough the bunnies have made a home in the kitchen garden but now the deer took over the extra garden for my winter supplies for canning and freezing. I am so angry and sad at the same time. Husband has been hard at work to make these 2 gardens special for me this year.
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  • Bettamaxypoo Bettamaxypoo on Jun 28, 2013
    I live in town and I cannot speak from experience but I have heard that if you tie fishing line all around the garden. They don't like to walk into something they cannot see. I do not know how you would add it. I think you can tie it to the trees in the area before your house. Let me know what you do decide to do. I would not be a happy camper if that happen to me. Cayenne spray has also been said to work. I can burn the plant depending on what plant it is being used for.

  • Cindy Luby Cindy Luby on Jun 28, 2013
    My sister had the same problem. She used urine around the fence line, the deer hated it. She also rubbed onion on the melons. Rub Dial soap on the fence and lastly Grapefruit seed extract in a gallon of water spray it on your plants it is bitter and the deer hate it. Hey good luck. Let me know if any of these work for you. lc

  • Sandy Treadway Sandy Treadway on Jun 28, 2013
    Neighbors use pieces of plastic tape tied to posts around their garden. (like the caution, flagging, danger danger tape, etc). The deer don't like it because it moves randomly.

  • Connie Connie on Jun 28, 2013
    Thank you both very much. I will do the fishing line, the urine I can leave to the guys LOL, the cayenne pepper , perhaps. Too late here to replace melon seeds but maybe I can still find some plants. DANG IT!! I called around for brussel sprouts and brocoli plants and everyone sol out already. I will check for the melons but not hopeful at this late stage in our area. Upstate Ny.

  • Connie Connie on Jun 28, 2013
    Cindy I have a friend in Plano and family in McKinney. Small world.

  • Connie Connie on Jul 01, 2013
    Ok so far we have done the fishing line, the peepee, and dog hair. Also getting human hair from the salon in town to spread. HOWEVER, it is going to rain for the next 10 days so I am thinking the line is the best. I am also going to cut up some metal cake pans (tinfoil type) and string that for noise. Hubby is rototilling the whole thing under again. They even ate my watermelon and most pumpkin plants!!

  • Connie Connie on Jul 07, 2013
    Well the fence had to go up. Kind of stinks as we really wanted to keep it more natural. Hubby and I figure at this point we have to do something as they ate that garden and the rabbits are eating the one at home. They plowed through my fencing and ate second batch of planted broccli. I even fenced over the plants. :-(