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This is growing under the climbing roses in a southern Ca condo, what is it and is it toxic to small animals?
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  • Jacalyn Jacalyn on Sep 03, 2013
    sorry, it posted sideways.

  • Eva Eva on Sep 03, 2013
    It is possible to edit the picture and change the orientation ;) Good luck!

  • Jacalyn Jacalyn on Sep 03, 2013
    This is better, can you help identify?

    • Amir.riazi53 Amir.riazi53 on Sep 05, 2013
      @Jacalyn Dear it is papirus plant and not toxic if you cut one of the leaf and put upside down in water it will grow new plant.

  • this reminds me of a false aralia. Maybe google this and see if any pics look similiar.

  • Eva Eva on Sep 03, 2013
    Umbrella palm... maybe.

  • Linda Hopper Linda Hopper on Sep 03, 2013
    I call it an umbrella palm as well. It is an excellent bog plant. I have one in a pot. Not sure if they are poisonous.

  • I guess it does look like the Umbrella palm. Have to look closer at the upright picture and put on my stronger glasses. Looking up this palm it will get 5-6' tall and it can be invasive in the south. I would either move it or pot it. It can take any kind of sun'/shade and loves boggy areas. next to the rose might not be a good idea.

  • Douglas Hunt Douglas Hunt on Sep 04, 2013
    I know this more as umbrella plant than palm, Cyperus involucratus. It really does want a wet spot, so I can't imagine it and the rose being happy in the same place.

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    • Gen Gen on Sep 06, 2013
      @April E I have this in a pot but I placed the pot on the side of my pond touching the water. It doesn't really look like this but it's similar. They like to grow in wet or water areas like Douglas Hunt said.

  • Fran Barrett Fran Barrett on Sep 04, 2013
    I agree umbrella palm. Also known as papyrus. I have been raising these for many years, all over the house, and I am certain of this identification! I have them in pots that have dirt on the bottom, then filled with water. They can get higher than your ceiling! Any time you want a new one plant, just bend over a leaf and put it in the dirt. They are bog plants, and are not poisonous.

  • Donna Gill Donna Gill on Sep 04, 2013
    It is papyrus. I have some, and I looked it up. Not poisonous to dogs and cats. I think I read it may be to cattle, though, so keep your steer away. ;-)

  • Patches Patches on Sep 05, 2013
    It is a cyperus papyrus and often found in water gardens. I love this plant!

  • Barbara Barbara on Sep 05, 2013
    yes papyrus and it has just hit the midwest as an annual for pots. I'm jealous you can grow it outside!

  • Margitta Rasmijn Margitta Rasmijn on Sep 05, 2013

  • Wanda sinnema Wanda sinnema on Sep 05, 2013
    UMBRELLA PALM....very showy is some areas. I just had to have the i, SO I bought the DWARF version, it grows about 2 ft total height. MANY HUGE high end courtyard tubs have them. Its not considered hardy in some parts of the country. Mine has survived 3 years, looks fine, needs to be divided. Even tho the nurseries said it would NOT last the Seattle area winters, treat it as an annual. MONROVIA NURSERY WEBSIGHT HAS A GREAT TUB PLANTING showing this.... as the focal point...I will say I did cut mine back last spring, it was getting a little ratty looking. It came back better than ever..I live in area 7B..... I am planning on bringning a start inside just for fun..

  • Lisa C Lisa C on Sep 05, 2013
    papyrus grows like a bad weed in water and to root them simply cut the reed and put the top yeap the top in water and it will send up a new shoot. Which by the way is why when you put it in water they go crazy as the stems fall over and will re root! It is a great plant but can take over if not watched.

  • Loopy Applelips Loopy Applelips on Sep 05, 2013
    I agree with those who say it is papyrus. I had it when I lived in So Cal and loved it!

  • Kim Dagenais Kim Dagenais on Sep 06, 2013
    I have owned this type of plant for years. I sometimes split them up every spring and transplant in many pots and give to friends. (the roots on this plant are super hard and very difficult to break apart) This type of umbrella plant loves ponds, swampy areas and if you keep them in a pot, make sure to keep the soil wet especially in the very hot summer months. I will be bringing my plant back indoors soon. Don't think this plant likes cold weather or snow very much.

  • April E April E on Sep 06, 2013
    I am aware of that but they will also grow in a average pot not in a boggy area I have used them this way for years I was not saying they would not grow in a bog I was saying they will grow in other circumstances

  • Tracey T Tracey T on Sep 07, 2013
    I have some in containers and they look great! They do like moist soil! Pull it out and put in a pot LOL

  • Audra Partin Audra Partin on Sep 09, 2013
    Definitely papyrus!!!

  • Jacalyn Jacalyn on Sep 09, 2013
    Thanks to everyone who took the time to answer. I now know what it is and after research know it is not dangerous to my daughters small dog.