How do I discard old gasoline?

Does anyone know a safe way to discard old gasoline? I tried burning it in my fire pit but that didn't work too well.
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  • how much fuel are you talking about. You do not want to burn it. But if you mix a little at a time with the regular fuel in your car it will become used up in no time.

  • Jeff C Jeff C on Apr 21, 2013
    1 gallon of 40:1 ratio gas and 1 or 2 gallons of 1 year old gasoline.

  • The regular fuel, in small quantities burn it in car or add to other lawn fuel. The mix stuff, if you dilute it even more add it to the lawnmower fuel as well. That mix cannot be added to a auto because of fuel injector type autos now built. But if you add it to the mower fuel, a pint to about a gallon of fuel will dilute it enough not to hurt the machine. If you are still using it for a 2 cycle machine, simply add it to the new mix formula. The only other suggestion would be to call your local township recycle center to see if they will take it. Perhaps a local auto repair place. They can use the fuel to clean parts etc.