How do I get the wrinkles and fold marks of a 8x10 rug that has been rolled up

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  • Susan S Susan S on Mar 29, 2012
    Hi Judy - I'm sure there are lots of people on HT who have had experience w/something like this and will no doubt offer professional advise. I'm not quite sure I'm getting the whole picture - has this rug been rolled AND FOLDED??? After the fact but I would think a rug should probably NEVER actually be folded but if that is the case it may just take time for the fibers to start blending after having been folded. The crease would cause the fibers to bend in opposite directions. Lay the rug out and vacuum thoroughly, maybe take your hand and "massage" the creased fibers to help them relax and start to reform into their natural pre-folded position. Not knowing the fiber content (there is probably a tag on the underneath telling you) I would be reluctant to suggest anything like steam but for future reference, Please do not FOLD CARPETS. Good ole fashioned time is probably your friend in this case, walking on it and eventually it'll lay flat.

  • KMS Woodworks KMS Woodworks on Mar 29, 2012
    Folding is matter how you slice it. I have seen some what better looks after a carpet has been "cleaned" be it a simple rental hot water machine, fancy truck mounted steaming systems to even the garden hose on the deck. It is the moisture in these cases that bring it around... kind of like in the old day before permanent press fabrics came into regular use. Wrinkled laundry could be sprinkled with some water and dried again...when removed in a freshly moistened and warm state the wrinkles could be smoothed out.

  • If it has a latex backing, lay it outside in the hot sun. If that is not enough, wet it on the bend and leave it in the hot sun for a few hours. If it is wool with no backing, the fold will fall out in a few days.

  • Judy V Judy V on Mar 29, 2012
    OK. DID not explain explain good at all. Sorry These are rugs we bought and they are rolled .Just wondering how to make it lay flat

  • Pat S Pat S on Mar 29, 2012
    I have always just unrolled it and placed something heavy in any spots that I may trip over and within a few days it is flat. I've also put them down upside down when it seemed to roll/curl that way.

  • Judy V Judy V on Mar 29, 2012

  • Susan S Susan S on Mar 29, 2012
    So we all solved nonexistent issues right??? That's ok, cause IF you ever do have fold creases in a carpet you'll sure know how to fix it - besides to not fold it in the first place!! LOL