How late in the season can you plant floratam sod and it will root enough to withstand the winter?

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  • Walter Reeves Walter Reeves on May 05, 2012
    You have plenty of time now. But are you looking at delaying until later?

  • Lynn C. Lynn C. on May 06, 2012
    Our lawn man told us if we didn't put the sod in pretty quick then we would need to wait until next year. He said the root system would not be 'established' enough and we could lose the lawn with a freeze.

  • Douglas Hunt Douglas Hunt on May 06, 2012
    I think you need to get a second opinion, Lynn. We've got more than seven months before there's even a chance of a freeze here.

  • Becky H Becky H on May 06, 2012
    I agree with Douglas!

  • Sherrie S Sherrie S on May 06, 2012
    Lynn C, as usual I agree with Douglas. One question, who recommended floratam. I only ask because I see many in my HOA who had to replace their St. Augustine grass chose a different type of grass. In the past we were required to install only St. Augustine.

  • Lynn C. Lynn C. on May 06, 2012
    Sherrie, all those around me who replaced their lawns with zoysia say it takes as much water and work as the floratam and they would go back to the floratam. The bahia lawns usually don't look that great. What are those around you using?

  • Sherrie S Sherrie S on May 06, 2012
    Lynn C, one year ago I decided on bahia for my rental property with 7447 square feet of lawn. The rental is across the street from my home so I can tell you the grass looks great & requires far less maintenance and water than my St. Augustine. My next door neighbor also got bahia and it doesn't look very good. The zoysia installed nearby looks very good. I think the preparation of the lawns determined the outcome. Since all three houses are so close to my home I watched each installation and can see the end results.