How much to buy?

I have a room 12-1/2 feet x 15 feet with 8 feet high ceilings. Can you tell me how many rolls of wallpaper I would need to do the room.

Thank you!
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  • Mary Insana Mary Insana on Nov 05, 2012
    You can Google How to estimate for wallpaper but here is some information Measure the height of each wall with a tape measure For an example, let us say you have 8-foot-high walls. Measure the length of each wall with the tape measure. For our example, let's say the room is square and each wall measures 20 feet in length. Since you have four walls, this means you have 80 feet of wall length. Multiply the length and the width together. For our example, this is 8 feet multiplied by 80 feet. The total square footage for your wall space is 640 square feet. Divide your total square footage by the amount of square footage supplied with each roll. A standard roll of wallpaper measures 36 square feet. Subtract 17 percent for waste and you usually get approximately 30 square feet of usable material on each roll. For our example, divide 640 square feet by 30 square feet. Thus, you'll need 21.33 rolls of paper -- round it up to 22 rolls.

  • 3po3 3po3 on Nov 05, 2012
    15, according to the Lowe's wallpaper calculator, but I randomly entered one door and one window, as I don't know what your room looks like, obviously. Here's the link for the calculator:

  • Carol C Carol C on Nov 06, 2012
    @Steve that single rolls or double rolls. Idid leave out I have two mall windows an entrance door and double closet doors. I googled a site with this info and they said I needed 20 rolls.........same question, single or double. Thanks for your input!

  • Be sure to adjust for the size of the pattern repeats. The wallpaper books will tell you how.

  • 3po3 3po3 on Nov 06, 2012
    That was 15 single rolls, according to Lowe's. But again, they suggest using it as an estimate, and it sounds like Kass has some great advice for you, too.

  • Carol C Carol C on Nov 07, 2012
    Thanks, Steve, I think you are correct. Will start with 8 doubles and go from there. Thanks everybody for your input. Love this site!

  • Be sure to order plenty. Wallpaper is printed in dye lots. If you need to go back and get more, you may not be able to find it in the same dye lot and there may be a slight shift in color. Ask them what their return policy is. Most of them will allow you to return any unopened packages. So, by extra and return what you don't need.

  • Tim McLaughlin Tim McLaughlin on Mar 25, 2013
    The numbers needed for determining rollage are the pattern repeat, length and width of the rolls and ceiling hight .Unless a textile or grass cloth is being installed the width is generally 20" or 27" wide.With average hight ceilings you will get 3 strips out of a double roll that is 27" wide . papers that are 30" wide will provide 3 or 4 strips a double depending the pattern repeat. 3 strips of 27"wide paper will = 81" .divide your total perimeter x 81" and that will be your total amt. of double rolls. Do the same thing with 30" paper. You will get at least 3 strips per double roll.3x20" = 60". divide 60 into your total perimeter and that again will be your total amt. of double rolls.example;10x 10 foot room = 40' perimeter x12 = 480".....480" div x 60 = 8 double rolls.