How to clean a land line telephone??????????

My GE button phone is very old and getting really grungy. I do clean it often with alcohol, but it seems I cant get into the little places, and I don't want to damage it by not knowing how to clean it well . Anyone know how to take it apart etc ? Oh, In anticipation of why don't I just get q new one, the newer ones don't have the quality tone wise, plus they have so many features I go crazy having to listen to hubs whine!
q how to clean a land line telephone, cleaning tips, The buttons etc are really grungy I am afraid to dig too deeply maybe I will damage something
The buttons etc are really grungy, I am afraid to dig too deeply , maybe I will damage something?
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  • Unlug the phone line & with a barely damp washcloth (rubbing alcohol is fine) simply wipe / scrub it down (including the keys). You don't want any moisture sneaking past into the phone & you do not want to use any type of scrubbies as any scratches just makes it worse later Canned air works pretty good for loose particles / dust Plug the phone back in & you should be good to go Going off the deep end ; ) Leave a pack of disposable gloves by the phone & you won't have any more "grubby" issues

  • Nancy F Nancy F on Apr 18, 2013
    I unplug mine and use the spray bleach on a Qtip and clean the corners.

  • Jeanette S Jeanette S on Apr 18, 2013
    Clean it as best you can with alcohol. Then spray good with canned air. But I have found that round toothpicks are great to use to go around small places to get out grime...such as around the edging on the stove or around the sink caulking or know...that little ring of dirt that always manages to appear. Just a dry toothpick will work. Just keep wiping it off with a paper towel. You can probably reach down into those button openings enough to clean around them. Don't use force and break off a toothpick inside the opening. It takes patience. Take the tape off and write your numbers in a small notepad near the phone. You can get the goo off and it will look better.

  • Bernice H Bernice H on Apr 20, 2013
    The grime under the keys has been there a long time. I do clean it off, regularly, except where the keys are etc, @SLS Construction Solutions thanks...that s what I am afraid of. Loose stuff is not the problem.I would love to make it not yellow aging too! ha

  • Lynne Faulkner Lynne Faulkner on Jul 04, 2016
    I did exactly what @SLSConsruction Solutions did on an old phone I wanted to give away and it came up brilliant, from the UK