I am looking for some used Kitchen cabinets for my set design.

A craiglist deal fell through since I couldn't go yesterday. If you have any that aren't being used then please let me know, I can come pick 'em up. If you are around the Duluth, Alpharetta area well and good. I just need 3 base and 3 wall cabinets. It doesn't matter if they are beat up a bit, I can make them look good.
Thank you.
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  • Frank C Frank C on Dec 09, 2011
    I bought some from Craigslist a few years ago. I stained them and put tiles on them for the back porch they turned out great for storage.

  • I am looking in craiglist, I was supposed to go look at some yesterday but I couldn't make it so they sold out!

  • April April on Dec 09, 2011
    That's a shame, Yamini! I hope you're able to find some soon. :)

  • I can actually construct fake ones April but the Flu is taking my energy away so i thought I could buy a few used and customize it.

  • April April on Dec 09, 2011
    That's a shame about the flu! Hope you feel better soon! I understand why you would need them then. Hopefully someone can help you with your quest. I'm sorry I can't be of much help for you with this. Best wishes on the project though! :)