I do not have good water pressure in the shower, what kind of shower head would give me the best pressure?

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  • Pressure issues can only be corrected by supply side, meaning you need to have more pressure on the water to get the pressure out. If the rest of the house appears to be fine and the shower is the only issue you have. I would check if the current shower head is plugged with calcium from the hardness in the water. When this happens the shower head flow is reduced mimicking lower pressure over all. A new shower head with finer spray will provide a stronger feeling, and will make the shower appear to have better pressure, but your not going to increase the pressure in that fashion. Still another reason that the flow/pressure feels low can be the faucet itself. When some older faucets become clogged with hardness they do not allow as much water out of the internal components as they would when the fixture is new. As far as what shower head to give you the appearance that there is more pressure. You need to check the packaging on the shower head itself on that one. The larger the head size with more little holes in it the less force will be felt out of the shower head itself. So unless you do have pressure and its just a plugged fixture, the larger dish sized shower head types that are all the rave now, will not work successfully in your home. Same goes with those heads that pulsate and swirl around. You really need to purchase a good quality shower head to assure you of a good pressure feel and flow. These most often cannot be purchased at the big box stores without paying a lot for them. My suggestion is to go to a kitchen and bath supply store and speak to the folks there. They can guide you in what works best for your homes need as they typically sell to many people just as you are that are having the same issues.

  • Jeanette C Jeanette C on Dec 01, 2011
    Thank you very much!!!

  • Jeanette C Jeanette C on Dec 01, 2011
    haven't tried yet thank you

  • Charles R Charles R on Dec 01, 2011
    Check your Water Heater. Make sure it is not clogged up. You should already FLUSH the Water Heater before Winter Sets in. Check your Shower Head and see if the scinter filter is clogged. Find out what is your Town's accepted Water Pressure. See if your house meets that water pressure.

  • Paul M Paul M on Dec 01, 2011
    You need one of these to connect to your outside hose bib. http://www.amazon.com/Rain-Bird-P2A-Water-Pressure/dp/B00004RACK/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1322784233&sr=8-1 They are cheap and will tell you exactly what your line pressure is on your homes water system. Once you determine what the pressure actually is you can use a process of elimination to determine what is causing your shower head to have low pressure, if in fact that is what is really going on.

  • Ruth L Ruth L on Dec 01, 2011
    does that work for kitchen water facet also?

  • If the rest of the house is ok, then most likely you have a plugged with calcium spray head. Cleaning it will be fine. If your kitchen or any sink faucet is suspected, then remove the screen on the discharge end of the faucet and clean it as it too can get plugged. I have never seen screens on shower faucets but its worth checking as well just in case.

  • Paul M Paul M on Dec 02, 2011
    If you get an adapter then you might be able to, I'm not sure who might make an adapter for that gauge.