I don't know about you but I'm currently dealing with a Yellow Sac Spider infestation both inside and outside of my home

I have sprayers coming out for bees and wasps next week, that's another issue I'm dealing with. As for the spiders, I spent all day yesterday cleaning their silk sacs off of the inside of the window frames and then spraying Ortho Home Defense all over the inside and outside of the windows. One night, when we left the terrible 1970 Pella casement windows open, about a dozen spiders found their way into the home. I hate these things and spiders in general. Hoping all the ortho home defense does the job. I did manage to find a couple stragglers and noticed the spray did the job on them.
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  • 3po3 3po3 on Mar 24, 2012
    Wow, sounds like you are being overrun. It's hard to remember, but try to keep in mind that spiders eat lots of other insects, and they are actually beneficial.

  • Elward M Elward M on Mar 25, 2012
    i find big wolf spiders in my tub her eonce in a bit, I get them on a broom and move them out side, they are beneficial nad harmless and eat nastys like roaches, i just dont like them in the house.

  • Jeff C Jeff C on Oct 18, 2012
    Right now, I'm seeing a ton of Wolf spiders both huge, big, and small around the bricks on the outside of the home. Have also noticed a couple dead big ones in the mudroom that is connected to the garage. Looks like the spray worked for that area. As for the yellow sac spiders, I did end up with another bunch of them going from summer to fall with the cooler temperatures. I had to respray the outside of the house but I believe most of the ones I killed were nesting inside the house somewhere. I hope I'm starting to win this battle.