I have a rough cement slab, that is hard to clean. Can it be topped with a smooth coat & sealed? Need other ideas?

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  • whats the slab used for? You could have an overlay done.

  • Carol S Carol S on May 03, 2012
    The concrete slab is the floor toan old for a patio w/roof-

  • yeah you should be fine with an over lay. you can stamp it, trowel it to look like stone, or many other tricks. I would just get on you tube and watch some videos or start googling concrete over lays and you will get more videos and information than you know what to do with.

  • You can also tile it. Just be sure to use a non-slip type tile in case it gets wet if rain hits it.

  • Carol S Carol S on May 04, 2012
    I need a clarification about a response

  • Carol S Carol S on May 04, 2012
    Is there aspecial type of grout for out door floors?

  • Stone-Crete Artistry Stone-Crete Artistry on May 04, 2012
    use a Laticrete product grout. do not get too wet when mixing the grout. this is if you were usinng tile. if using flagstone....use a regular 3:1 mortar to sand mix mixed like dough

  • just about anything that's polymer-modified will work well to resurface concrete however NOTHING avail at apron/vest stores is acceptable imo

    I'd recommend polishing the concrete and then you could seal it or do an acid stain or other finish to it. They rent the machines to do at just about all rental stores but it's a VERY dusty job.

  • polishing or honing is certainly an option however i don't think the lady pictured will have the necessary strength to horse around a 5 to 10hp polisher - even an light edco,,, here in atlanta, we've only got 2 stores that rent conc polishers & dry dust collectors,,, current cost is about $ 500day + you have to pickup & return - the polisher's about 600# & very unstable so unloading w/o a dock, overhead crane/lift, or forklift's not easy,,, grinding / polishing wet is much less expensive. polished conc will have a lythic densifier applied to it at a certain polishing stage to strengthen the conc AND color can be applied at the same time,,, acid staining roughens the conc surf slightly so you're effectively working against yourself - hope that helps clear any confusion !

  • Carol S Carol S on May 13, 2012
    Thank you every one - now I can make a "concrete" decision on how to proceed. I will get some estimates, then get the job done -- Pictures will follow - hopefully by the end off the summer........