I have double-hung, wooden windows.

I think they are at least 20 yrs old. Some nights, I can hear them squeaking. Is that weird? I've not found anything about squeaky, wooden windows in my google search. Anyway, what happens is, I guess the windows are swelling and shrinking based on the weather. Sometimes, one of them will slide open. The top will slide down and/or the bottom slides up. Next thing I know, my heat is going right out the window! I have sash locks and when I moved in, because the windows in my bedroom were constantly sliding open, I adjusted many of the locks, thinking this would help keep them closed but I still have the occasional window slide open, still. And the squeaking is nerve wrecking! It doesn't happen all the time and I can't recreate it, nor have I noticed when the windows squeak. It might happen more often when it rains ... but I'm not sure.
Anyway, has anyone else experienced this and any inexpensive suggestions to stop the windows from sliding open?
i have double hung wooden windows i think they are at least 20 yrs old some, windows, This is the type of locks on the windows
This is the type of locks on the windows
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  • Ghost busters? Your correct on the expansion and shrinking of the frames of the windows from day to evening. More so in colder weather as during the day the windows heat up with the sun radiant heat, but cool quickly in the evening. If the locks such as those above are installed correctly and they are tight the window should not move at all. Do you by chance have vinyl siding on the home? This product makes all sorts of noise both during the day and at night. More so in evening as this is when it is much more silent out and the house is quite as well. In any case you can quite the windows down if indeed they are moving in the frame simply by using a tiny bit of silicon spray along the track edges to act as a lubricant so they do not make noise as the rub on the window sash.

  • April April on Dec 08, 2011
    I have windows that are very similar - two of them together divided by a middle section and similar window sashes. From time to time they pop, and in some cases rattle. Hey also do exactly as you have described sliding down or up when open. Do you have an attic fan (the fan attached to your roofline)? Aside from the age of the windows, the sqeaking could be from that - at least in the warmer months. In colder months it's probably as you have said - the expanding and shrinking. You could also try this, if your window is similar to mine; putting a wooden dowel on either side in the metal part of the frame or something to press against the window slightly. You could probably find them at Lowes or Home Depot.

  • Teresa D Teresa D on Dec 08, 2011
    Woodbridge - I have wood siding. I am sure it is the windows. I only hear it in my bedroom, but that is typically where I am when it is late and quiet so it might be happening in other parts of the house as well. i'm just not there to hear it... although, I haven't found any other windows slipped open. I will try the silicone spray. I already have some for my downstairs windows that used to stick really badly. But I really want to stop them from sliding open. April - my attic fan is a whole other story. It makes a horrible squeaking sound in the summer. I desperately want to turn that thing off or get up there with some WD-40 or something. The locks aren't tight like they should be. I tried adjusting them myself and it worked on a couple of the windows but at least 2 of them still slip open. I may try the dowel thing. Last year, I used duct tape to hold the top windows up. Tacky, but I was at my wits end with waking up to open windows. Thanks guys!

  • April April on Dec 08, 2011
    Yeah, I know how you feel. The attic fan we had prior to this drove us absolutely nuts I that it would make rattling noises in the wall, and on the windows and make annoying pitched noises. We eventually had to replace it. They replaced it with a really quiet one. Since you're pretty local to me, we use Ventilator King - but really you could use any company that does that sort of thing and suggest that they put a quiet one in. It's sounds like your ventilator has seen better days or needs to be tightened. Mine do that too with the sliding thing. Perhaps you could stuff something in there like like a small hand towel or paper towels discretely. I'm not sure if this helps but hopefully you'll get more feedback on it. :) You're welcome! Always like to help out if I can! :)

  • Designs by BSB Designs by BSB on Dec 08, 2011
    We too had a similar problem! We bought the sash lock below (around $5-6 at Home Depot) and replaced the exact same one you have pictured above. The locking mechanism on this lock is much tighter vs. the other which seems to have some "give". We have wood windows.. that all stay shut now :) Maybe this could help you too.. try one or two windows and see if it helps!

  • April April on Dec 08, 2011
    Wow, that's good thinking, Designs by BSB! I hadn't thought of that! Thanks for the tip and thanks to Teresa for bringing this up! :)