i havea septic system .had it drain .have a smell from 2nd floor toilet any ideas why

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  • KMS Woodworks KMS Woodworks on Apr 29, 2012
    There might just be residual "smells" from having the system "opened up". depending on the size of your tank it could take a week or more to get it back to "full" with water etc. if the problem is still there then let us know

  • Bebi S Bebi S on Apr 29, 2012
    Thanks for the answers, but I'm still hoping for more ideas.

  • Odors from rooms such as bath area indicates that a trap is dried out, or there is a leak somewhere that has not showed up as a stain yet. Be sure to flush toilet, put water down the sink, tub/shower area to fill. This should solve your smell issue. If not you need to check to see if the toilet is tight to the floor and its not rocking. This will cause the wax seal to break allowing sewage water to leak between the layers of flooring that results in smells. Draining the septic system should have no bearing at all with smells in the house, unless it has backed up. But that would result in issues with the lower level areas of the home long before the upper levels would show signs.

  • Plumber26 Plumber26 on Apr 29, 2012
    Ditto what Woodbridge said!

  • Larry Larry on Jan 09, 2013
    Hello;Recently i redid the shower stallm new tile on floor and walls, i also replaced the toilet bowl as well and new tile around toilet. Since then i have a spetic odor coming from the shower stall only. i suspected maybe a bad seal of the toilet and that was checked and re-installed with no problem. Anyone have any ideas? Thank you Larry

  • If the odor is coming from the shower area, I suspect that the trap has dried out or, it has been sucked dry by a vacuum effect from flushing the toilet now that it is tightly sealed to the drain system. If your vent system is not properly sized or something has plugged the one for the toilet when you flush that large quantity of water that runs down the drain needs air behind it to allow it to go down the drain. Much like the water cooler in the office. the water does not drain out of it because of the suction applied behind it in the bottle When you push the button air is introduced and allows the water to drain out. In the case of the shower stall, as the water drains down, the weight of the toilet water running down the pipe causes a suction great enough to pull the water out of the trap of the shower drain. If you run the shower or put a half gallon of water back into the shower that should plug up the trap and prevent the odor from coming back. To check this, be sure to put water in the shower trap by running the shower for one min. Then with your ear near that shower drain, have someone flush the toilet. Do you hear any gurgling noises? Or a glub glub sound? If so that confirms that there is an issue with the toilet vent. it can be a dead bird that fell into the pipe or it was never properly done and that the toilet ring may have sealed the toilet well enough that it no longer gets any air from around the wax ring area as it should not. My question however would be is what floor is the toilet and shower on? And did you do any kind of work at all to the shower drain system with the remodel?