I just got new stainless appliances...........how do you get the fingerprints off....cleaners, etc.

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  • Val K Val K on Feb 23, 2013
    There are stainless cleaners available. In a pinch you can use Endust.

  • Carol C Carol C on Feb 23, 2013
    I was told to use Pledge and I did and it seemed to present a bigger problem with blobs that I had to rub off with a vengeance.

  • Not to be to blunt, but read the manufacturers directions - they generally have great advice & a list of do not uses... Back in the restaurants, it is generally windex & stainless cleaners

  • Gloves would be my first thought, but that is hard to do. There are several good quality stainless steel cleaners that should do the trick for you. Just try to stay away from the oily types. That is what makes them show even more finger prints. And Pledge falls into one of the oily types. It is funny however when there is a door handle how many other finger prints end up on the door? Lastly you could tape all the kids art work on the doors and hide all the fingerprints. We have not seen our fridge doors in years.

  • Carol C Carol C on Feb 23, 2013
    Appreciate all the comments and will try them. The manufacturers always seem to recommend a product to use when in fact there are things you have around the house that will suffice. Have no kids so artwork is not an option, but thanks for the suggestions.

  • I guess its time to start your art career! lol

  • Carol C Carol C on Feb 23, 2013
    Could be an option (ha)!

  • Jeanette S Jeanette S on Feb 24, 2013
    Hee, hee...I had to giggle. I had stainless steel appliances back in the 60s and got really tired of them back then...so I will not be going to stainless! I found the stoves to be especially difficult to clean. Those products that cleaned off the grease, made it look smeared, so another product had to be used to make it look clean. Double work. Was so glad to move out and leave that stuff behind! I have been waiting for these posts to start!

  • Douglas Hunt Douglas Hunt on Feb 24, 2013
    Do read the care instructions that come with the fridge. My new Fisher & Paykel specifically cautions against using stainless cleaner or anything or than a little liquid dish soap diluted in water.

  • Carol C Carol C on Feb 24, 2013
    @Doug. My delivery guys told me to use water and a microfiber rag, which I tried and it works pretty good. I also googled "how to clean stainless" and they said the same thing, so I am taking your comments about stainless cleaners seriously and will stick to water and microfiber. Thanks!

  • Carolyn Cancel Fuentes Carolyn Cancel Fuentes on Apr 13, 2013
    furniture polish (spray) I saw this on TV and it actually works!!

  • Kim Kim on May 10, 2013
    Windex Multi - Surface cleaner w vinegar I was simply amazed !!

  • Kim Kim on Feb 16, 2015
    a very small amount of baby oil on a microfibre rag. I am a house cleaner and this works on most ss appliances.

  • Capernius Capernius on Jan 26, 2016
    Vinegar cleans just about everything. take a 1 litre spray bottle of straight vinegar & spray it on the prints, or whatever you are trying to remove. wipe it down, let it dry, & the offending matter is history. for something that is a pain in the posterior to remove, add 1 - 3 drops of dish soap to the vinegar. let it sit for 5 or 10 minutes, then wipe it down. Never use a scrub pad on any stainless steel because you will have this one shining area & the rest will be dull finish. the only way to correct this one shiney spot is to sand down the entire appliance. when I say "sand down" I mean sandpaper...about 250 - 300 grit. doing this is A TON of work though...and is also a pain in the posterior.