I live near Atlanta. For past month we have been getting black ants particularly in the kitchen.

Even if the kitchen is clean, we will find ants in cereal boxes etc. This has been a daily occurrence and we have been in this home for over 10 years and did not have this problem in the past.
The big box stores told us to use plastic traps called COMBAT but it has not been effective.How to get rid of this ant problem?
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  • Well some "green methods" from http://blog.sls-construction.com/2013/green-ways-deal-pest-problems --- Filling in cracks and keeping a clean kitchen is the best way to deal with ant infestations but if they begin to come around there are a couple things you can do: spray lemon juice around doors or windows where ants appear to be getting in; clean counters and floors with a bit of vinegar; or, you can use borax, cornmeal or grits sprinkled around the floor and counters to kill off whatever still remains. (Personally I am not much for the food method & know some people also swear by pepper) My biggest question though is what is attracting them - do you have any leaking sinks, or other maintenance issues that need to be addressed? Generally they won't come in unless they can sense food or water which would lead me to believe you might have an issue someplace

  • Gail Salminen Gail Salminen on Jan 07, 2013
    @RAVI - I used to have problem in the summer here in Canada, ants wandering all over the kitchen. I use this product (pic 1)and it prevents them from entering the house. but I also used the ant killer spray to kill the nests also by raid (pic 2). this has been quite effective. but you will need to find the nests to obtain effective control.

  • Kimberly Barney Kimberly Barney on Jan 07, 2013
    Ants do not like mint. My mother had an issue with ants in her kitchen. I planted mint outside the kitchen window and that took care of the problem. Mint can be invasive, though, so keep that in mind. However, it smells wonderful when cut. Do allow the plant to get about 6 inches tall around the area with the issue of the ants.

  • There are tons of methods that work in removal and prevention of ants. Rather then posting all the links click on the bubble at the top and type in kitchen ants. A lot of answers to that question will come up. In addition ants need some sort of moisture. You said this just started. I would be looking for something that is wet. Damp dish towels or dish rag under sink? Perhaps a leaking pipe somewhere near by? Ants travel long distances so any place for moisture is fair game. Once you find the dampness and correct it, and you treat the area they will not return.

  • Joyce P Joyce P on Jan 07, 2013
    i got a Pest control man to come once a month...no more Ants,no more Roaches,no more spiders,no more anything...no more waking up to a roach on the wall or the celing

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    Toro liquid bait .. best stuff EVER !

  • RAVI RAVI on Jan 07, 2013
    Thanks a lot. Some great suggestions. I will let you all know my findings and experience.

  • Remember folks, its not about killing the bug, it is prevention in the first place. Find moisture and fix. Then wipe out the ants using traps, bait or any other natural insecticide that works. But spraying them will only make them hide and go somewhere else that you have not seen yet.

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    Toro.. they feed off it and bring it back home to kill em all :)

  • I just met someone that says she sprinkles good old fashioned baby powder around and they don't come back. Often in a draught, according to our pest guy, the ants come up through the pipes in search of water. In excessive rains, they climb up the kitchen pipes to avoid drowning. Sometimes I use Windex as a quick kill. But Windex can stain grout lines.