I'm new to cleaning hardwood. What is the best way to first pick of the dirt, dust? What kind of steamer? etc would If

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  • 3po3 3po3 on Dec 30, 2011
    Hi Marcia, glad to see a fellow Coloradoan on here. I sweep up with a dry dustmop, then I use Bona wood cleaners on my hardwood floors. I used to use Murphy's, but have since been convinced of the error of my ways. Bona stuff is a little expensive, but it's worth the cost in quality. Whatever you use, don't get the floor very wet. Standing water will ruin hardwood flooring.

  • Vacuum the floor before you do any other cleaning. Any dust or debris on the floor will scratch it if you mop it with any kind of cleaner. In any case, Bona is a great product. Its used together with a pad applicator much like the swifter. That too will also keep your floors looking great as well. Steer clear of steamers or any water mopping on wood floors, even if they are pre-finished types. Moisture can destroy wood and using either method can drive additional moisture into the floor that is really does not want.

  • Teri F Teri F on Dec 31, 2011
    my brother installs and refinishes woodflooring....swiffer type is fine for dusting and picking up the dirt to clean and to keep the shine...windex...to kill bacteria and sanitize use vinegar and water

  • G. D G. D on Dec 31, 2011
    Marcia, we intalled Bamboo flooring in our new kitchen this summer. I use a micro fiber cloth and will have to use a vacum later on this morning since some glitter inbedded between the floor! ugh! :D Anyway, the installer recommended NO water, but to use "Bruce" Hardwood and Laminate Floor cleaner! Does a great job. The only cleaner though that would tackle my canning Apple Butter was Murphy's Oil soap though! LOL (Use water based products sparingly) The installer also told me NOT to use my steamer! :-(

  • KMS Woodworks KMS Woodworks on Jan 05, 2012
    Marcia...I refinished my first hardwood floor back in 1983, and now have hardwood in the bigger rooms of my home. Never mop or steam...save that wet process for stubborn dirt on tile. the trick is to use cleaners very sparingly, it is the cleaner residue that leaves tracks etc. we just use a slightly damp towel with plain water, unless you have "oil" based soiling water will work just fine. The trick to keeping a floor looking good for years to come is to keep the "grit" away...this can be done by vac or broom. Check out this article I wrote on floor finishes...there is a big cleaning section at the end. http://www.networx.com/article/exotic-wood-floor-finishes-you-havent-s

  • Assuming floors and not other - water with a little white vinegar for a damp mop does the job. Bona is good too Murphy's is OK for furniture, not floors

  • Some people claim is leaves a film on the floor. We have done this for years without this issue. I guess it depends if the film is caused by using to much soap or a different type of Murphy's soap. We use liquid type on floors and when we do our horse tack, saddles and such we use the hard type sold in a plastic jar.

  • KMS Woodworks KMS Woodworks on Jan 06, 2012
    Sheila...here is a link that explains it a bit....it is the "oil soap" residue that causes the problems...both in real time (streaking and "dullness") as well as complications when refinishing is needed. http://www.cinhome.com/murphys.html Read the bottom part from Bona too.

  • the film can attract and hold dirt and make it gummy. When using it on furniture, one generally is close and does enuf rubbing to take most of the film away, but on floors, there tends to be more film left behind, and there is more dirt down there to become adhered to it

  • Hi Marcia, Last Christmas my daugher bought me the SHARK VAC THEN STEAM cleaner for my hardwoods...I have two pets...so this machine has changed my life...feel at last like the hardwoods are really really clean! It does both functions...vac and steam...so easy to use. Linda

  • Kelly S Kelly S on May 06, 2012
    I just used a swifter type and vinegar. It's not sticky like it was with Murphy's but now the whole house smells like a dill pickle factory. :) I used straight vinegar. I'll cut it in half next week and see how that is. The problem I have on my floors is dog drool. Everything else I've tried just reliqufied the drool and I had to go over it several time toactually get it clean. At least the vinegar cut through it and didn't leave any residue.

  • KMS Woodworks KMS Woodworks on May 07, 2012
    Kelly S...it sound like you need to get a drool bib for Fido. When we have stubborn spot we hit is with a citrus based cleaner, then follow up with a damp towel rinse. I love dill pickles but don't want my house smelling like one either...at least with the citrus cleaner it smells good.

  • Kelly S Kelly S on May 08, 2012
    Thanks. I'll try that. We had a beautiful day so we just left the doors and windows open. 1 hour later and I couldn't smell it. The whole house smelled like a beautiful spring/summer day.