I need inexpensive, temporary storage options for a house on stilts.

We are finally going through tubs of stuff that survived Hurricane Ike, but due to a leak in the storage space, much is destroyed due to water damage. However, plenty of things did survive that need a place to be after they are hand-washed and dried. Our kitchen cupboards/cabinets are not installed yet (that would be an easy answer). Think of just about everything that would go in a kitchen and linen closet - I need organized storage in an extra bedroom.
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  • C. D. Scallan C. D. Scallan on Jun 10, 2017
    Rubbermaid or Sterlite bins from the dollar store .

  • Linda Sikut Linda Sikut on Jun 10, 2017
    First, let me say that I'm sorry that you had this happen. If you want to keep the cost down, check around at your local stores to see if anyone has cardboard egg crates or banana boxes. Actually any kind of sturdy box will work. Label the top and front of each box so you can find items later. Once your home is rebuilt and you have new storage, you can recycle the boxes that you got free.

  • Sharon Sharon on Jun 10, 2017
    Wow thats a long time recovering from Ike, so sorry. I would opt for rubbermaid tubs and use a permanent marker to identify contents. You can stack these quite nicely in a closet or alongside the garage walls. My mom put a chunk of cedar or a nice soap in each one to make sure everything smelled good.

  • Patricia Patricia on Jun 13, 2017
    How about free standing open shelving? It's available at Home Depot or Lowe's or IKEA if one is nearby. Or try your local thrift store or Habitat for Humanity Restore for a bargain. What a difficult time you must have gone through! Wishing you the very best Peggy as you get your things back together.