Iam looking for some one to pick up and install Range and Dishwasher, need to pick up from Marietta and deliver to

Douglasville, GA
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  • I'd be glad to do it but you probably will not like my fee. :D Seriously though, if you don't get anyone willing to do both, have you checked into just renting a Uhaul for the day or a Home Depot truck at a hourly rate? If you do the pick up yourself, the installation can be done by a good handy person.

  • Jyothi, yes Kevin is right A Home depot truck is about $19/hr and half and a Uhaul is 14.99 for a day. Did you buy the appliances by any chance at Appliance mart in Marietta?

  • 3po3 3po3 on Dec 14, 2011
    I like Kevin's idea. I think you could post this request on Craigslist and probably get a cheap offer from someone who needs some quick cash, but you are better off with someone really reliable doing the install. You don't want to mess up the installation of a range or dishwasher. Could cause an expensive, messy problem.

  • Jyothi Jyothi on Dec 15, 2011
    Than you all for ur suggestions. @Yamni, yes, I bought at Appliance smart and Hhgregg, I can rent truck but I need to some one to help me

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    Doesn't hhgregg offer installation? The range (typically) is a straight forward process, but the dishwasher is not always. For liability reasons, I would be very careful who you choose for this installation - risk factors for water problems later! If handyman.. be sure you get strong referrals!

  • Jyothi Jyothi on Dec 15, 2011
    They do, but I bought range at appliance smart and dishwasher at Hhgregg, so, I have to pay separately for both, so, I would be paying twice

  • I'm with BSB on this one. DO check out whoever you have do the install. Check with the Better Business Bureau and any RECENT references they can provide. BE careful, some of the smoothest con men come across as the best in the business. DO NOT take their word for it. I am sure you will find a good local resource. Best of Luck!

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    try www.nariatlanta.org, angieslist or kudzu.com