is con ed responsible or the wiring from the street pole connecting the power to your house

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  • LandlightS LandlightS on Jun 03, 2012
    Generally the power company is responsible for the service entrance up to the connection at the rain head. If you have an underground service, they are responsible for the connection to the meter hub.

  • No, The power company is only responsible for the connection were your service entrance wire is connected to the overhead wire. As LandlightS also said, underground to the meter point. You can get an insurance policy from them for an extra cost, for the wire that leads into the box, but that is expensive and really not worth the cost. As they inspect prior to issuing the insurance and if something is wrong, you will have to fix it before the insurance is valid. What is going on that has you concerned. The service wire from the roof to the meter frayed and damaged?

  • Every power company is different. Overhead to the house is generally their responsibility. Underground depends on where it comes from. If it goes to a green box on somebody's lawn it can be the power company's problem or they may say it is yours to replace up to the transformer (box on the lawn) and there's to connect. If it goes up a pole then it's yours to replace and leave enough to connect to the transformer on the pole. Call you public utilities authority for your area for more clarification.

  • Marci DiGaetano Marci DiGaetano on Oct 08, 2012
    maybe someone can help me with this one...... I am in the process of buying a home and the current homeowners had the meter switched to the outside of the house . never the less the wire wasn't long enough and as a temp fix they connected a rope to the house and the wire is about 3 feet short. I see this as being unsafe to say the least. Is con ed responisible to connect this wire correctly ??? I would think once they were finished connection the meter to the outside of the house they would have fixed this but didn't... Don't they have to inspect the work before just leaving??

  • The wire that is currently connected using the yellow rope will be changed if the wire is not long enough to reach the wire that comes up from the meter to the roof peak. The contractor however must provide a termination point in which the wire from the utility can be fastened. They do not provide that. Ask the seller if they have the proper permits to do this project. As they must. And if so, the contractor who pulled these permits should be providing that termination point to which the utility can connect. If not, something is not right on the permit end. It is not uncommon to wait for a few weeks before the utility comes out to change the wires to longer ones. They just do not come out every time a meter is changed. They will get there however. They will also evaluate the size of the wire feed to the house as it may need to be larger if a larger service panel was installed. Just be sure that they have contacted the utility and that the permits have been taken out. You will not be able to close on the house if any permits are open. Your attorney should be made aware of this so they can contact the seller to make them fix this issue.

  • I agree with Woodbridge. No permit, no sale. Generally the town inspector must inspect the property before any sale can be completed. They will see this issue and, if they don't, point it out to them. At least that's the way it done in NJ. Not too sure about NY. In either case you should get your own home inspector to go over the house and give them a heads-up on the problem.

  • Roxanne Green Worley Roxanne Green Worley on May 15, 2017
    My service is with Duke Energy. This an older neighborhood and the power pole connects power to many other homes. The pole is a main line. Getting my power from the pole put underground would not help since the power pole is in my front yard.

  • Roxanne Green Worley Roxanne Green Worley on May 15, 2017
    That's the reason I am asking for suggestions. Maybe doing something around the bottom might help. Any ideas