Is peeling paint on house due to poor paint job or too much rain/water?

The paint on the side where I water my garden is peeling off. Had house painted three years ago. I know it didn't help that I watered my house but should it have damaged the paint this bad?
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  • Clay B Clay B on Apr 02, 2012
    Could be many factors. Too many layers of paint, gets heavy, and can peel and fall off. Sometimes the wood needs to be sanded so primer and paint can stick. If wood was wet or contained too much moisture before you painted, that can cause peeling. Is water getting behind the wood? What type if siding do you have, shingles, clabboards etc? Was was on the surface before you painted, old paint, if yes, was the old paint sticking and not peeling? If you put oil based over latex, that would be problem. Latex over oil based is ok. SInce it's only where your garden is, it's probably getting way too much direct water, and the water is getting behind the wood siding.

  • Peace Painting Co., Inc. Peace Painting Co., Inc. on Apr 02, 2012
    Could this be the afternoon sun side too? A picture would be nice.

  • Ginny C Ginny C on Apr 02, 2012
    It is the the afternoon sun side. It's wood siding, not sure about the kind of paint but I think it was water based. The wood is so wet where it's been peeling that I can actually press into it with my fingers. If I get it to try out would I be able to do an inexpensive repair on it? The rest of the house is ok so it must be the amount of water over the past couple years. I'd like to be able to hold off an expensive repair until I can decide whether to put some other type of siding on the house.

  • Peace Painting Co., Inc. Peace Painting Co., Inc. on Apr 02, 2012
    Minwax makes a wood repair kit which is like bondo. You can also first brush on their wood hardener which is a wood fortifier or solidifier that bonds loose wood fibers together. Start by digging out the soft parts when dry, brush in the wood hardener then use the wood repair kit paste. Then caulk up the wood joints. This will give you one or two years of a patch until you decide. Best, Charles

  • Ginny C Ginny C on Apr 02, 2012
    Thanks for the answers, but I'm still hoping for more ideas.

  • Peace Painting Co., Inc. Peace Painting Co., Inc. on Apr 03, 2012
    Ginny, the other loose paint areas need to be scraped and sanded until only firm paint remains. After washing and thoroughly dried, use oil base primer on the bare areas. Then you are ready to brush/roll apply two coats of top-line finish paint for the best protection. CP

  • Ginny C Ginny C on Apr 03, 2012
    thanks all

  • Clay B Clay B on Apr 03, 2012
    If you can press your finger into the wood, you need to replace the siding in that area. Better to replace the siding before it rots the plywood/structure underneath that.

  • Pam Pam on Apr 20, 2012
    Did your painter use oil or latex base paint?

  • Clay B Clay B on Apr 23, 2012
    One more thought, once siding is fixed, think about watering with a soaker hose.