looking for new ways to advertise for the new year, any ideas out there??

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  • Photos tells lots of stories. Join a lead group such as BNI or La'tip Get involved in a community project and donate your time. Teach a home owner class on doing their own painting projects. Go to real estate offices and do a morning talk about the new lead laws and how it effects painting. Get to know them. Perhaps offer ideas on how to spruce up homes getting ready for sale. Lots of painting projects come in that way. Also advertize in the local real estate office hand outs. Some real estate office have areas in which you can provide brochures at. Many new owners are always looking to get something painted when they first move in.

  • Get yourself a YouTube Channel.

  • Rule4 Building Group Rule4 Building Group on Jan 03, 2012
    I agree with Yamini, You Tube is a fantastic resource and so easy to create some informative videos at very little cost. You Tube is a huge search engine just like Google, so remember to tag your videos and use short titles containing key words so they can be found easily through key word searches.

  • KMS Woodworks KMS Woodworks on Jan 03, 2012
    Create a Facebook account for your business...there are lot of lurkers there too.

  • Ya know I have been thinking more about this question and read the replies about U tube and face book. Although I have a web site under another company that I own in which I track quite extensively so I can see how long they stay, what pages they visit and so on. And I have learned a few things about this. No matter how well you write, photograph, document and face book, Nothing beats good old in your face sales. While with the new computer age were into and the younger generation feels very comfortable in using this media its not so much the same for some of us older folks. Although many of us here use this a lot, or we would never have found ourselves here at midnight answering peoples questions. I find most of my clients quite often rather talk to me one on one then to go to my web site for information. After a lot of consideration I found that I cannot simply provide the necessary information that people require to decide to choose me over another contractor simply because they read my site. The more information I provide, the less likely they will pick up phone to call. So after doing a lot of research on this subject my site in the next few months will be getting much smaller in size. Not only with information provided, but the design will keep the client hanging and wanting more information so the phone rings. Or so I think. I will plan on posting to U tube showing the spray foam process and perhaps doing a home audit, but that would be it. So with the invention of the U tube and other media sights such as this. I am not so sure this would be the method I would choose to advertize but would consider it to show a process of one thing or another. I think you need to become creative to make the people want to call and ask questions about your work. Oh yea if you want to check out my other site, www.thehomecareclub.com

  • KMS Woodworks KMS Woodworks on Jan 04, 2012
    Woodbridge...the web stuff is the bait on the hook....its still up to the fisherman to reel in his catch...Show them some "eye candy" ...get them hooked and then spend face to face time to explain why they want you instead of some Joe Smoe.