Moved from a large 4 bedroom home to a one level 2 bedroom apt.

Looking for clever ways to add storage.

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  • Dfm Dfm on Jan 04, 2018
    i feel your pain. I went from 2700 sq feet to 850. Start with the clothes...out of season clothing can be stored in suitcases. Bed raisers are inexpensive and add 6 more inches of space to under the bed. I have a set of salvaged cupboards..put a piece of plywood across them..gave it a coat of paint from the city dump...the paints etc were picked up on fall and spring clean up...and for a small amount like 50 cents you coul go get what you needed for small projects. a couple of the cupboards got wheels for addition prep space and storage. They don’t work in my current kitchen but my cousin is making good use of them. utilise the space on the back of doors -hanging shoe bags can hold more than shoes. Cleaning supplies, mittens scarves, canned goods. Laundry products,,stain removers, dryer sheets....craft supplies. the small clothes undies nylons socks.

    Hope this helps you out.

  • Jeanette S Jeanette S on Jan 04, 2018
    Think "up" and layering as well as bins under beds.
    BINS UNDER BEDS: Out of season clothes and shoes can be stored in pull out containers for under your bed. These are not extremely expensive.
    THINK UP: There is a lot of space in every room above window and door facings. A 12" shelf will support small bins purchased from the dollar store to hold books, shoes, rolled up jeans, etc.
    One of the best storage ideas I have seen are those wooden crates or dresser drawers attached to the wall over the bathroom door to store toilet paper, shampoos, soaps, etc. in.
    LAYERING: A row of bookshelves can become a feature wall where you can store bins with files, extra supplies and even pantry supplies...then place chairs in front with a small table between...leave access room beside the chairs.
    IN ADDITION, you can place those milk crates on their sides and then wire tie them together in rows for a kid's is a place for their clutter!

  • Nancy Wilson Nancy Wilson on Jan 04, 2018
    In my bedroom I used wooden crates to create storage and decor along one wall. I use underbed storage for seasonal or less used items. Up, up and away is the key to adding storage in any room. Stackable shelves helped me create a terrific pantry in a closet. Baskets or boxes (empty cereal boxes covered with a nice contact paper or even wrapping paper) help organize the shelves. Command hooks help move things up and away.....hanging a basket for storage in the bathroom for example. I even store my shampoos, lotions etc for the shower by hanging them with a large S hook holding a basket right over the shower rod. No more bottles and tubes sitting on the edge of the tub creating mildew! Shoe organizers that hang in your closet can be hung behind a door and stuffed with socks or lingerie! And most important.....downsize. You probably don't need everything you've held onto over the years. Take pictures! I guarantee the photos will evoke those same emotions as the original item did. Only save things that you know you will use or have room to display. Sometimes this process can take a couple of years.....if you find you haven't used a cooking utensils in a year, get rid of it. Does it have historical value? Sell it on Ebay. I have downsized 3 times in the last five years. From a 9 room house that I cleaned out all storage areas and held a yard a trailer where I kept my greatest a small one bedroom apartment.